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After the storming of the US Capitol on January 6th, according to media reports, Chief of Staff Mark Milley took secret precautions to restrict then President Donald Trump’s legal authority over nuclear weapons . This was reported by the broadcaster CNN and the Washington Post newspaper, citing an as yet unpublished book that deals with the end of Trump’s term in office. Trump immediately insulted Milley in a statement and spoke of “treason”. President Joe Biden, on the other hand, expressed his full confidence in Milley.

The renowned investigative journalist Bob Woodward and a longtime Washington Post correspondent , Robert…

The USA, Great Britain and Australia have signed a security pact for the strategically important Indo-Pacific region. As a first step, the US wants to provide Australia with technology to build nuclear-powered submarines. The US government officials emphasized that the provision of nuclear weapons is not planned. “We will continue to fulfill all of our nuclear non-proliferation commitments,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

According to the US, the new alliance also provides for cooperation in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum technology and cyber issues.

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The partnership aims to…

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) has announced an additional 100 million euros to support Afghans in need. “We must do everything we can to avert the real danger of a major famine and humanitarian catastrophe,” said von der Leyen in her address on the State of the European Union to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The additional 100 million euros should be part of a new support package that will be presented in the next few weeks.

Von der Leyen also made it clear that the EU must learn lessons from the takeover of power by the…

North Korea claims that it has successfully tested novel cruise missiles with long ranges. The Defense Science Academy carried out the tests over the weekend, the state media reported. It was the first North Korean missile tests since March.

The state agency KCNA called the new missile type a “strategic weapon of great importance”. This gives North Korea “another effective means of deterring” “hostile forces”. According to observers, North Korea indicated that the new guided missile also had the potential to carry nuclear warheads.

According to reports from North Korea, the new type was tested on Saturday and Sunday. The…

It sounded like the end of a dramatic era. “It is time to end America’s longest war,” said US President Joe Biden a few months after taking office and announced that all US troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. So exactly 20 years to the day after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. “Some of our soldiers,” said Biden, “were not even born when our country was attacked on September 11, 2001.” Although Islamist terrorism has not been defeated, it has been weakened for the long term; the US would now have to concentrate…

The Taliban restrict public protests in Afghanistan. For the time being, demonstrations without official approval are prohibited, said the Interior Ministry in its first official statement after the formation of the government. Violations threatened “serious criminal consequences,” it said.

The Taliban are responding to a series of protests and sometimes violent clashes in various cities in the country. Many women also took part in the demonstrations. The Taliban said people disrupted public order and harassed others.

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As the Taliban announced, protests may in future only take place under certain conditions. Organizers must therefore…

The Taliban presented the first members of their interim government three weeks after they came to power in Afghanistan. Mullah Mohammed Hassan Achund will head the new government, said Taliban spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid in Kabul.

Achund was a close companion of Mullah Omar, one of the founders of the Taliban and head of state during the first Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001. Even then, he held important positions. He is considered to be moderate.

His deputy is said to be Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar. He was previously head of the Islamists’ political office and signed the agreement with…

According to the UN, the Taliban have undertaken to ensure the safety of humanitarian aid workers in Afghanistan. The Islamists had promised in talks that aid workers would be able to move freely and safely in the country, said a UN spokesman.

The UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, was in Kabul for talks with the Taliban leadership. Among other things, he met the Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

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Griffiths then stated that the international community felt an obligation to provide “impartial and independent humanitarian aid” in Afghanistan. …

The United Nations is warning of the drying up of food aid for millions of Afghans in need.

The supplies that the World Food Program has in the country will be used up by the end of September

said the UN Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov. He stressed that humanitarian aid does not have the necessary financial resources from the member states — at least 200 million US dollars are urgently needed.

The United Nations estimates that more than 18 million people in Afghanistan need help — more than half of the total population. At the moment, however…

After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, an attempt is being made to find out why the world’s most powerful country, which has the latest army, state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art air force, could not defeat the Taliban.

American intellectuals wonder why the United States cannot win wars in modern times.

The question is also whether the withdrawal of US troops will end US involvement in Afghanistan, especially at a time when China and Russia have increasingly established ties with the Taliban.

In defense of the United States, some argue that the United States has had many successes in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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