Afghanistan || An Increase In The Number Of Refugees

In Afghanistan, the Taliban are expanding their control over parts of the country. Austria still wants to continue deportations. The SPD calls for a deportation stop.

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz warns the European Union of an increase in the number of refugees after the withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan.

This is dramatic for the people there, it will lead to migration flows

The politician said that he was of the opinion that Afghanistan’s problems could not be solved by taking in large numbers of people in Germany and Austria, as in 2015. He is therefore “very happy” that the line has changed compared to the uncontrolled immigration of 2015 in Europe and Germany.

As the European Union, we have to take action this summer to prevent things from happening again as they were back then

Insecurity in Afghanistan has increased significantly in the past few weeks since the Taliban advanced . They have already taken control of many districts in the country. Talks between them and the government in Kabul have so far been unsuccessful.

Kurz announced that he would continue his consistent deportation policy, even if the Taliban were to bring further parts of the country under their control.

We will certainly continue to deport to Afghanistan.If people had to flee, he believed that neighboring countries, Turkey or safe parts of Afghanistan are definitely the right place than for people to all come to Germany, Austria or Sweden

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Briefly complained of “accumulation of violent crimes”

With an increase in the number of refugees from Afghanistan, Kurz fears a new quality of violent crime.

You just have to look at the crime statistics. Much of the brutality here has not existed in the past. The numbers are very clear in certain groups when it comes to the accumulation of violent crimes and the accumulation of sexual violence against women, for example

He also worries about possible immigrant Islamism.

I don’t want to import this sick ideology into Europe,” the Austrian Chancellor told Bild . One shouldn’t lump all refugees together, many have integrated themselves very well. But, “we have imported a great deal of anti-Semitism into Europe through these migratory flows in recent years. We have many people who have come to us, who are clearly homophobic and who do not necessarily uphold women’s rights.

Kurz referred to the security situation in French suburbs, in Belgium and in other EU countries and recalled a murder case in Vienna at the end of June.

A short time ago we had the situation where several young Afghan men drugged, raped, murdered a 13-year-old girl and then, like one thing, put it aside.” Briefly reiterated Austria’s demand to create the possibility of “deportation via third countries if deportation to the country of origin does not work directly However, there is still no agreement on this in the EU

SPD calls for a stop to deportation

The migration policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Lars Castellucci, had called for no one to be deported to Afghanistan for the time being. “In view of the security situation, we have no choice but to suspend deportations to Afghanistan,” he told Spiegel over the weekend. The Afghan government had previously asked for it. Sweden, Norway and Finland have already suspended deportations, Germany has not.

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In Afghanistan, the Taliban are currently overrun province by province. According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, 270,000 people have been evicted from their homes since January alone . It is unclear how many people are currently planning to flee.

He assumes that the situation in Afghanistan will worsen, said Castellucci. It is also a moral obligation of the West to help the refugees. The EU states would have to fly out at least some asylum seekers from neighboring countries or Turkey. This is the only way to ensure that the countries in the region keep their borders open to Afghan refugees.

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So far, Germany has accepted a maximum of 5,000 refugees per year through a resettlement program, only a few of them Afghans. Castellucci describes this as a “downright ridiculous contribution” and wants to at least double this quota. It is just as important to extend EU aid for Syrian refugees in Turkey to Afghan refugees.

Where people are stranded, they have to be looked after. Otherwise they will move on,” warned the politician. In 2015, the cut in aid funds for the neighboring countries of Syria resulted in the civil war refugees making their way to Europe. We have to learn from this

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