Afghanistan Calls For A Ban On Deportations From Europe

After the withdrawal of NATO troops, the Taliban are fighting their way to power in Afghanistan, and the infection situation is also tense. Nevertheless, they are deported there.

The Afghan government has asked European states to suspend deportations to the country for three months. Because of the increasing violence of the militant Islamist Taliban and the increasing number of corona infections, the repatriation of rejected asylum seekers is currently a cause for concern, according to a statement by the ministry responsible for refugees. There are also concerns about a growing number of people seeking asylum abroad and on the run in the country itself.

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Many European countries are deporting rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan , including Germany. A plane with 27 deported men on board had only arrived in Kabul on Wednesday. It was the 40th collective deportation since the first such flight in December 2016. This means that the federal and state governments have so far returned 1,104 refugees to Afghanistan.

Advance of the Taliban after the withdrawal of NATO troops

Deportations to Afghanistan are controversial because of the security situation there. Despite the start of peace talks in September, the conflict with the Taliban has intensified. The Islamists have captured a quarter of the districts in the country since the start of the withdrawal of NATO troops in early May. In the process, they have killed, wounded, captured or persuaded hundreds of government officials to give up.

According to UN data, between the beginning of May and the end of June, almost 84,000 people within Afghanistan had to flee their villages and cities before the fighting. Every day civilians are killed in the conflict in crossfire in combat, by bombs on the side of the road or through targeted killings.

However, Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday that he considered the previous deportation practice to be justifiable despite the increase in violence. The Bundeswehr left Afghanistan at the end of June. The Pentagon announced on Tuesday that the withdrawal of US troops was more than 90 percent complete. Even two decades after the start of the international military operation to overthrow the Taliban , Afghanistan is still the most insecure country in the world, ahead of the civil war countries Syria and Yemen, according to the Global Peace Index.

Taliban report capture of border crossing to Iran

The radical Islamic Taliban claim to have conquered the most important border crossing point between Afghanistan and Iran. “The Islam Kala border is now under our full control and we will try to get it back into operation today,” a Taliban spokesman told AFP. The government in Kabul has not yet confirmed the Taliban’s conquest of Islam Kala.

The Islam Kala border crossing, around 120 kilometers from the city of Herat, is one of the most important border crossings in Afghanistan. Most of the official trade with Iran takes place there. Afghanistan is exempt from US sanctions against Iran and is allowed to import oil from the neighboring country.

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If the report is confirmed, it would be the second important border crossing that the Taliban have been able to control since the start of the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. In June they had already captured the most important border crossing with Tajikistan, Shir Khan Bandar. Hundreds of Afghan soldiers have fled across the border into Tajikistan as a result of the fierce fighting over Shir Khan Bandar.

The Taliban have been advancing in Afghanistan for weeks and have already conquered numerous districts. This was preceded by the start of the withdrawal of foreign troops. From 1996 until it was overthrown by US-led troops in late 2001, the Taliban ruled Afghanistan and curtailed human rights, especially the rights of women. The USA intervened in Afghanistan at the head of a NATO alliance shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The Bundeswehr, which was stationed in Kunduz in the north, ended its mission on June 30 and withdrew the last soldiers. Great Britain has now also brought back almost all soldiers from Afghanistan.

Biden wants to complete troop withdrawal by the end of August

According to the Department of Defense, around 90 percent of US troops have already left the country. The main Bagram air base was handed over to the Afghan security forces last Friday. From there, numerous attacks against the Taliban and other Islamist groups had been launched during the 20 years of the war in Afghanistan.

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US President Joe Biden wants to complete the planned withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by the end of August , despite the danger of civil war feared by observers. The military operation ends on August 31, Biden said on Thursday. The inhabitants of Afghanistan would now have to decide alone how their future and their country should be shaped. “We didn’t go to Afghanistan to form a nation,” said Biden. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the USA had “achieved” its goals in the fight against terrorism in the Hindu Kush.

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