Afghanistan || Coordinated Attacks In Kabul Killed And Injured

According to the Interior Ministry, four attackers were killed in several apparently coordinated bomb attacks in Kabul. In addition, 20 people were injured, said a representative of the Afghan security forces. Several explosions and shots had previously shaken the capital. One of the explosions occurred near the home of the Defense Minister in the Scherpur district of Kabul’s heavily secured so-called Green Zone.

In an initial reaction, the United States spoke of “attacks” bearing the “signature” of the Taliban. The radical Islamic fighters cannot yet be officially assigned responsibility, said Foreign Office spokesman Ned Price in Washington. “But it is the signature of the wave of Taliban attacks that we have seen in the past few weeks.”

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According to official information, a car bomb exploded near Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi’s house, among other things. “Don’t worry, everything is fine,” he wrote a little later in the short message service Twitter. Mohammadi was not in the house at the time of the explosion, according to his party. His family had been brought to safety. The Defense Ministry released a video in which Mohammadi said his bodyguards were injured in an attack.

Ministry spokesman Mirwais Stanekzai said all four attackers were killed by security forces. The police control the area. All roads leading to the minister’s house and the guest house have been blocked. A health ministry spokesman said at least ten injured had been taken to hospitals. Hundreds of residents in the area have been brought to safety, according to police. So far, no one has confessed to the explosions.

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Deportation flight to Kabul canceled at short notice

A deportation flight to Afghanistan originally planned for the evening has been canceled at short notice by the German side. Several Afghan men who should have flown from Munich to Kabul had already been brought to the Bavarian capital at the time of the cancellation.

There was initially no official information as to whether this decision was made in connection with the explosions in Kabul. In the past few years only men — mainly criminals and so-called terrorist threats — had been returned from Germany to Afghanistan against their will. Federal politicians of the Greens and the Left do not consider deportations to the country to be justifiable after the recent advance of the Taliban. In contrast, the federal government recently advocated in Kabul that deportations should still be possible in principle.

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The Taliban have stepped up their offensive with the withdrawal of US and NATO troops , gaining large territories in the process. At the beginning of the week, large parts of the capital of Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan had been takenbeen. Nine out of ten districts in the city of Lashkarga were under the control of the extremists, according to the deputy provincial chairman, Majid Achund. In the fighting, the Afghan government troops often surrender quickly or withdraw immediately in the absence of supplies and reinforcements. President Ashraf Ghani said on Monday that the hasty withdrawal of US and NATO troops had worsened the security situation. Former US President Donald Trump, towards the end of his term in office at the end of 2020, repeatedly urged the rapid withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan , where they had been stationed since the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001.

The Afghan Army orders to evacuate Lashkargah

The battle for Helmand province has raged in recent hours. This Tuesday, the Taliban managed to close on Lashkargah, capital of this southern region and the first city that could be occupied by extremists if the Afghan Armed Forces and their reinforcements do not avoid it. Their first step has been to urge the population to temporarily abandon their homes, with the aim of unloading all their artillery against the extremists, with whom they collide near the Police Headquarters and the Government Delegation.

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According to the local network Tolo News, the announcement came from General Sami Sadat , commander of the 215 division. “The safety of the residents is the Army’s priority,” explained the military man, whose ranks have been reinforced with new elite troops. from other parts of the country to save this town of 200,000 inhabitants. Smaller compared to others currently besieged by the Taliban, such as Herat and Kandahar. But its fall, with its symbolism, would deal a severe morale blow to the country.

In order to lift it up in these difficult moments, the Afghan leader, Ashraf Ghani, yesterday launched a harsh speech against his enemies. “ The Taliban have changed only in that their cruelty has increased and they have become more mercenaries than in the past,” the President assured in front of the deputies. “We have no more opportunities to blame each other. We all face a great test,” he stressed, while promising improvements in the security situation in the country in the coming months.

Part of its parliament served to blame the current disaster on the accelerated withdrawal of US troops , which signed an agreement with the Taliban in 2020 to withdraw its forces in exchange for the commitment of the extremists not to allow the Islamic State or Al Qaeda. they will attack the West from Afghanistan . This agreement also imposed a peace dialogue with representatives of the Afghan power that until now has been impossible to achieve, with each other blaming each other for the failure.

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In the middle are the civilians, victims of all the fires during the savage combats that are taking place in different areas of the country. In a trill, the UN Assistance Mission for Afghanistan warned that, in the last 24 hours until Tuesday, at least 40 civilians had died and 118 had been injured in the clashes. According to Afghan officials, the Taliban managed to take over nine of the ten districts of Lashkargah, including local television stations.

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