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Blast from Past

With the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban has taken power everywhere in the country. On August 15, the Taliban advanced into the capital, Kabul. The Afghan government has admitted defeat and President Ashraf Ghani has left the country. In February 2020, the USA and representatives of the Taliban signed a peace agreement for Afghanistan . In it they had promised the gradual withdrawal of the troops. In May, after 20 years in the Hindu Kush, the United States and its NATO allies began withdrawing their soldiers, which should be completed in September.

Rockets fired again over Kabul

One day after a US drone attack on a car loaded with explosives, rockets were fired again over Kabul on Monday morning. AFP news agency employees heard the sound of bullets over the city. According to residents at the airport, the missile defense system has been activated. Smoke rose near the airport. At first it was unclear where the rockets had landed and what their aim was.

Several missiles were fired at the international airport but were intercepted by a missile defense system, a US official told Reuters. There were up to five missiles.It wasn’t immediately clear whether everyone was intercepted. Initial reports did not suggest any injured U.S. citizens, but that information could change, it said.

The hours ahead until the last aircraft takes off are considered to be the most dangerous of the entire evacuation mission. The US expects that the Afghan branch of the extremist group Islamic State will attempt further attacks.

China criticizes USA for “chaotic” situation in Afghanistan

China has made the USA jointly responsible for the situation in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan did not achieve its goal of eliminating terrorist forces, said China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Antony Blinken, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua. The hasty withdrawal of US and NATO troops would now likely result in terrorist organizations returning.

USA invites to virtual foreign ministers ‘summit on Afghanistan

In view of the situation in Afghanistan, the US State Department has invited to a virtual foreign ministers’ summit for today, Monday. The US will host the meeting “important partners”, including Germany, France, Great Britain as well as the EU and NATO, as the State Department announced. At the summit, a “coordinated procedure for the coming days and weeks” is to be discussed.

The summit takes place one day before US forces withdraw from Afghanistan. With the withdrawal of the troops, the airlift to save people from the country in the Hindu Kush will also end on Tuesday.

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