Afghanistan || Taliban Ban All Unauthorized Protests

The Taliban restrict public protests in Afghanistan. For the time being, demonstrations without official approval are prohibited, said the Interior Ministry in its first official statement after the formation of the government. Violations threatened “serious criminal consequences,” it said.

The Taliban are responding to a series of protests and sometimes violent clashes in various cities in the country. Many women also took part in the demonstrations. The Taliban said people disrupted public order and harassed others.

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As the Taliban announced, protests may in future only take place under certain conditions. Organizers must therefore obtain prior approval from the Ministry of Justice . At least 24 hours in advance, demonstrators would have to inform the Justice Department of the reason for the demonstration, the location, the time and the planned protest slogans.

In the past few days, the Taliban had repeatedly tried to break up demonstrations by force. Hours before the new government was announced, hundreds of people had gathered in Kabul to protest against Pakistan’s alleged interference in Afghan affairs. The Taliban fired warning shots to disperse the crowd. They also arrested several journalists for a few hours. Earlier, two dozen women protested for their rights in the Afghan capital . There, too, there were clashes with the Taliban. At least one woman was injured, according to local journalists.

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According to the UN report, women’s rights are severely restricted

Many fear that the Taliban could further curtail the rights of the Afghan people. Women in particular are considered to be threatened. The United Nations (UN) says it receives daily reports of violations of women’s rights in Afghanistan. Accordingly, some women are prohibited from going to work or leaving their homes without a male companion. There are also complaints about attacks on girls’ schools and centers that help women who have fled violence in the country.

The reports came from an extensive network of women, civil defense organizations, functionaries and human rights activists in Afghanistan, said Alison Davidian, the deputy Afghanistan representative of the UN gender equality program UN Women.

The Taliban introduced 33 members of the government on Tuesday, including not a single woman and nobody from any other political group. Western states had called for a so-called inclusive government to which not only the Taliban belong. The entire European Union has made this a condition for further commitment, for example for the payment of development aid.

The USA and other countries initially do not want to recognize the new government. The Taliban must first earn their international legitimacy, said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at a meeting with Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). Maas wants to continue talks with the Taliban.

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