Another Israeli spy satellite launches to monitor Iran’s nuclear program

Israel has sent a new spy satellite into Earth orbit to closely monitor Iran’s nuclear program and activities

The Defense Ministry’s secret satellite, named Ofek 16, was launched into orbit early Monday (today) morning.

On the occasion, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that

the move would increase Israel’s ability to take action against its immediate and distant enemies, and that it would enhance our defense capabilities in land, sea, air and space

According to the international news agency, the launch of the satellite is being linked to the events that took place in Iran last week. A fire broke out near a centrifuge factory at a nuclear plant in Iran’s Natanz region on Thursday.

Iranian officials initially called it an accident, but later acknowledged that the cause of the blaze was suspicious and expressed skepticism about Israel. Israel has not commented on suspicions of involvement in the Natanz nuclear plant incident.

According to the international news agency, it is the state policy of Israel to prefer silence to denying or confirming any secret operation abroad. Therefore, Israel’s role in the Natanz incident cannot be ruled out. The Israeli foreign minister also hinted at Israeli involvement in the blaze.

“Preventing Iran from developing a nuclear capability is part of Iran’s long-term strategy, and we believe in action rather than saying more,”

Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi told a news conference.

It should be noted that Gabi Ashkenazi was the head of the Israeli army a decade ago when Iran’s nuclear program was disrupted by a computer virus called Stuxnet. He also referred to the incident in his recent statement.

In addition, Israel has in the past carried out incursions into sensitive Iranian installations. In 2018, Israeli authorities claimed that Mossad operatives had entered a warehouse in Tehran and stolen thousands of documents related to Iran’s nuclear program.

Israel has not yet confirmed the number of its satellites in Earth orbit, but according to Amnon Harari, head of the Space and Satellite Administration, two satellites are already in orbit, one launched in 2002 and the other in 2016. ۔ This is the third spy satellite to be launched into Earth orbit.

Experts say Israel considers Iran’s defense force the biggest threat to itself, as well as the Syrian army and its suspected nuclear capability in the neighborhood. On this basis, it can be concluded that the main purpose of increasing the number of spy satellites in the air is to keep a close eye on Iran’s nuclear program.

Israeli Defense Minister and next prime minister-designate Benny Gantz has praised the development.

“The successful launch of the OFEK 16 satellite overnight is another extraordinary achievement for Israel’s defense sector,” he said.

“Israel’s security requires technical superiority and intelligence capabilities. We will continue to strengthen and maintain Israel’s capabilities on all fronts, everywhere.”

The statement did not provide further details about the satellite’s mission, but Israeli radio said it would be used to monitor Iran’s nuclear activities.

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