China threatens UK over interference in Hong Kong Affairs

China has warned Britain that canceling an extradition treaty with Hong Kong would have dire consequences.

According to the World News Agency, China’s ambassador to the UK strongly condemned the UK’s withdrawal from the extradition treaty with Hong Kong, saying that the suspension of the agreement violates international law. The UK will have to suffer the consequences.

The Chinese ambassador also accused the British government of clearly interfering in China’s internal affairs by suspending extradition with Hong Kong. Britain should refrain from this action or it will face a strong reaction from China.

Yesterday, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb announced that his government, backed by Australia, Canada and the United States, had agreed with Beijing to extradite Beijing to unilaterally enforce Beijing’s national security laws. Will formally suspend the agreement.

It should be noted that China has imposed strict laws on Hong Kong, including extradition, on which international powers have expressed reservations, while after the United States, Canada and Australia, now the United Kingdom has also suspended the extradition agreement with Hong Kong.

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