Corona victims in the world close to 1.3 million

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According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, the total number of victims worldwide is

The number of people infected with the virus so far in the
United States is
Then in Spain the number is
and in Italy it is
Italy has the highest number of 15,887 deaths so far.
The virus has spread to
69,488 deaths in 208 countries so far.
However, it is also important to note that most people have recovered from Code 19. According to data released by Johns Hopkins,
264,840 people have recovered so far, most of them from China.

Corona Virus | A worldwide situation

United States
The beginning of a ‘difficult week’ in the United States, the outbreak is likely to spread to other states. The United States is currently the most affected country with the Corona virus in the world, and authorities are seeing other states being hit by it in the coming days, and are worried about increasing numbers of patients and more deaths.
It should be noted that the Corona virus in the United States has received 1200 deaths in the last 24 hours and a total of 336,987 people have been affected, while the death toll is 9,620 .
The United States has reached the most critical stage of the Corona virus crisis on Monday, and officials say the deaths in the states of New York, Michigan and Louisiana are indicative of other states is reaching. Remember that yesterday, US President Donald Trump warned the public that death could increase in the coming weeks in the United States.

In the UK, a further 621 people were killed by the Corona virus, after which the total number of deaths was 4,934 .
According to British media, in the UK the last 24 hours, there have been another 5,903 cases of Corona virus, after which the total number of affected people across the country has exceeded 47,806 .
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to the hospital ten days after Corona’s test came out positive. He is expected to spend the night at the hospital while his office statement said he was “normal.” Hospital has been hospitalized for ‘K test’. Queen Britain has addressed the nation saying that Britain will “definitely succeed” in the fight against the pandemic.
According to the report, 621 people have died due to Corona virus in the UK on Sunday, which is the second highest number of deaths in a single day since last day’s 708 deaths.

525 more dead in Italy
In Italy, more than 525 people have died of the Corona virus today, bringing the total number of deaths to 15,887 , the highest worldwide. Today, 525 deaths in Italy are the lowest in the last two weeks, before 427 people were killed on March 19.
More than 4,000 corona cases have been reported in Italy, after which the total number of affected patients has exceeded 128,948 , the third largest worldwide.

Another 471 people have died in Spain
Spain has become Europe’s largest country affected by the epidemic,the rapidly growing case of the Corona virus.
Corona virus has killed 471 more people in Spain today, bringing the total death toll to 12,641 .
In addition, corona has been confirmed in more than 4,000 people, after which the number of affected patients has exceeded 131,646 .

In addition, Corona is spreading rapidly in other European countries

Affected patients 100,123

Other countries in the world are seeing a rapid increase in the number of deaths

It is now mandatory for the public to wear a mask at the exit and this rule has been applied since Sunday. A total of 2,273 people have been affected, while the death toll is 198 .

Emergency Implementation in Japan

Emergency may be implemented in some parts of Japan in the coming days due to the increasing number of Corona virus patients. According to Japanese media, the number of certified victims continues to rise despite measures taken to control the virus. There have been 3,654 patients and 85 deaths.
In China
Affected patients 81,747
Total death toll 3,333
Total recovered 77,078
In Hong Kong
Affected patients 891
Total death toll 4
Total recovered 206
In South Korea
Affected patients 10,331
Total death toll 189
Total recovered 6,598

In India
Affected patients 4,307
Total death toll 118
Total recovered 328
In Pakistan
Affected patients 3,397
Total death toll 53
Total recovered 257
In Bangladesh
Affected patients 88
Total death toll 9
Total recovered 33
In Sri Lanka
Affected patients 176
Total death toll 5
Total recovered 33

Nigerian doctors reject Chinese doctors

The Nigerian Medical Association has rejected the government’s decision to call on Chinese doctors to help fight the Corona virus. The medical association, in a statement, said it was ‘embarrassing’ and did not include the government’s decision. So far, 232 certified Corona victims have been exposed in Nigeria & deaths 5 .
In South
Affected patients 1,655
Total death toll Africa 11
Total recovered 95

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