#Coronavirus Cases Worldwide | The Number of Cases Exceeds 4 Million

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in the world exceeds The university is tracking 4 million . These figures were released by Johns Hopkins University.
virus cases and the cause of death worldwide.
According to their data, the number of cases has increased steadily in the past one week, especially in European countries.

How fast the cases have increased in the world:

The five countries with the highest number of cases:

The number of affected countries in the world has reached 6820 in Italy since “There are respiratory diseases in the region due to industry and traffic pollution, which worsen The World Health Organization has warned that the United States could become a global hub of the Speaking to reporters in Geneva, World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris said According to Johns Hopkins University data, there have been more than 46,000 confirmed cases of Saudi Arabia has confirmed the first death toll from the The capital of the country is the epicenter of the Madrid Certified China: 81591
Italy: 69176
United States: 49768
Spain: 39676
Germany: 31991
Why is Italy so affected?
Coved 19. Lockdown has also been a few weeks in Italy and the country’s region, Lombardy, has been the most affected by the outbreak. But why is Italy so affected?

The cause of the outbreak will be determined prematurely, but there are several reasons, says Pierozzi Coco, an Italian expert on the outbreaks.
“One reason would be genetic, the effect of the virus would be different on different ethnic groups as well as individually.”
According to him, “some will have a virus but no symptoms and on the other hand people are dying soon”.
According to him, Italy is counted in countries where there is a large number of elderly people. And if the elderly have the virus, then they have more complications.
He says that it also has to look at the cultural and social attitudes of the Italians, such as, ‘There is a large number of people in their meetings and then the way they express or meet each other. In addition, Italian families are closer and closer to one another.
According to Peralogy Coco, air pollution could be due to higher mortality rates in the north of the country.

Italy says 743 people have died in the country in the last one day. The total number of deaths in the country is 6820. In the two days before that, the death toll was seen and now there is a sudden increase.
Coved 19".
There have been 87 deaths in the UK since Monday and now the total number of Corona virus deaths in the UK has reached 422.

UK: death toll rises to 87

‘United States to become the next global hub of corona virus’
Corona virus.
Indian Prime Minister Modi has announced a three-week lockdown in the country from Tuesday night. Corona was spreading widely and rapidly in the United States, according to news agency Reuters. He added that nothing can be said with certainty yet, but it looks like it may become Corona’s next stronghold in the world.
Corona in the United States so far, with 593 deaths. Europe is still in crisis and Italy has the highest number of deaths worldwide. He said, “For 21 days, forget what it is to get out of the house.” Today’s announcement is very important for the safety of you, your family and your country. Your one wrong step can bring coronary disease like corona into your home. Many times the person infected with the corona virus is not known for several days. So stay indoors. “
India announces three-week lockdown

Saudi Arabia has the highest number of cases recorded in Gulf countries after Iran.
With 205 new cases on Tuesday, the number of Corona virus victims has risen to 767 in the country.
Corona virus: the first casualty in Saudi Arabia The country has enforced sanctions, curfewing the next three weeks to curb the spread of the virus.
Corona virus. The 51-year-old man is from Afghanistan, the Health Ministry said. Public places in the country have been closed, including mosques, except for the mosque al-Haram and the mosque, but restrictions have also been imposed there.
All public transport has also been suspended.

The total number of cases in Spain has increased to 39763, with 6582 more cases confirmed in the last 24 hours. So far there have been 2696 deaths in the country.

According to Health Emergency Chief Fernando Simon 3800 people have recovered while 2636 have been taken into critical care.
Increasing rates of infection among medical staff are also causing concern. Of the 39763 people infected with the virus, 5400 people — 14 percent — are health workers.
The government has ordered parliamentarians to extend the alert date to April 11.
Spain records 514 deaths a day
Corona virus where 1535 deaths were recorded. The leading cause of concern was 1939 cases recorded in Catalonia, northeast Spain, over Madrid. Pakistan: 990 infected Corona virus victims in Pakistan are 990, while the death toll is seven. After Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan-administered Kashmir, now in the federal capital Islamabad also announced a lockdown.

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