CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC | In the US, a record 1480 deaths in 24 hours |WORLDWIDE Cases: 1,099,080 Deaths: 59,179 Recovered: 228,938

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The global outbreak of the Corona virus has killed nearly 1,000 people in the United States in 24 hours.
According to news agency AFP, data from Johns Hopkins University suggests that they are the world’s single-day casualties since the outbreak.
According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, the total death toll in the United States has now reached 7,412.
According to the AFP, 1,480 deaths were recorded in the United States from Thursday evening to Friday evening.

Remember that US President Trump was addressing in Washington last week, warning that there were ‘two very painful weeks’ coming in the country.
President Donald Trump said on television that the Corona virus could increase the death toll in the United States two weeks later.
President Trump said that ‘death will be highest during Easter.’
Easter is a Christian festival that falls on the 12th of April. President Trump also announced an April 30 extension in measures to prevent the spread of the virus.
On the other hand, the mayor of New York had said that hospitals would have to increase their capacity by three times.
He said there was a need for hospitals that had never been seen before but had never even thought about such large hospitals.

It should be noted that the first case of the virus came out in New York state on March 1, and in a month 75,000 people were infected with Corona. Remember that the number of Corona virus patients in the UK has grown to over 38,168 & killed more than
According to US media, the outbreak of the Corona virus has completely changed New York and is wreaking havoc on the streets, in the parks, while a few people who are visible are wearing masks.
President Donald Trump has said he will not wear a mask on the face despite medical guidelines for the spread of cod 19 in the United States.
He says he can’t imagine himself welcoming a ‘president, prime minister, dictator, king, queen’ wearing a mask at the Oval Office.
President Trump has emphasized that it is not necessary to follow these guidelines. “It is not necessary to follow them … I don’t think I’ll follow them.’
In the United States, the Department of Prevention and Prevention of Infectious Diseases issued a directive to everyone to wear a mask on the face. There have been 277,467 certified victims of Corona virus and about 7,402 deaths in the country.

The US president has dismissed the possibility of a change in the schedule of presidential elections due this year because of the outbreak.
“General elections will be held on November 3,” he said.
Elections in the United States will take place on November 3 They rejected the idea of ​​voting by post rather than voting for the polling station.
They said that you would be the ones who would proudly go to the booth and reveal their identity.
‘Voting by mail should not be done.’
He added that any kind of error could be caused by the post. They claimed that the voter could cheat.
You can post a vote or have to vote on your own, but different states have a policy in place.
Although some states allow voting in the absence, some have strict rules and regulations.

When a reporter asked US President Donald Trump why the US was not prepared to cope with the outbreak, he blamed the Obama administration for the answer.
He said the shelf was empty, we had no equipment and there was no medical supply.
He said he always knew that pandemic disease was the worst thing that could happen.

3 minutes of silence were held in memory of patients and medical personnel killed by the dangerous corona virus.
According to the local time in China, at 10am, the siren stayed there for three minutes.
USA President blamed Obama for not controlling the outbreak China’s top leadership including President Shi Jinping also paid tribute to those affected by the outbreak. Flags were hoisted at Chinese embassies and consulates throughout the country and abroad.
The Chinese government has also announced the honor for 14 coroners, including Dr. Lee Wen Liang, a coroner in advance, in the war against Corona.
The ruling Communist Party also acknowledged that Dr Lee was “inappropriately” punished by Wuhan police.
The Chinese government acknowledged that Dr Lee played a vital role in reducing Corona’s severity and preventing its spread.
Corona has killed more than 3,330 people and affected more than 81,658 in China.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fever after 7 daysIn China

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that he is still living with the Corona virus symptoms and will remain in isolation.
British Prime Minister Corona virus has been in isolation at 11 Downing Street for the past seven days after the test came out positive.
However, after seven days, according to Sky News, Boris Johnson will still remain at home because he still has a high fever.
In a video message on Twitter, Boris Johnson said, “Although I am feeling well and I have completed my 7-day isolation, there are still minor symptoms.”
“I have a fever right now, so according to government advice, I have to stay in self-isolation until all the symptoms are gone,” he said.
In his message, he appealed to people to stay in their homes.

British Airways staff members transmitted the Corona virus during the past two weeks while performing duty on long flights.
The unions are asking the airline’s management to take further steps to protect their staff.
However, British Airline pilots and other staff say the airline has taken very slow steps to protect them from the virus.
British Airways says masks and gloves were available to protect the crew.
However, a pilot told the BBC that security items were not always available to him. He also said that the aviation staff was traveling shoulder to shoulder at the airport buses.
3,605. British Airways staff members infected with the Corona virus

The death toll in Turkey has increased to is currently the most affected country in Southeast Asia, where the Corona virus death toll has so far reached Italy is the country most affected by the Corona virus, where the death toll has exceeded 14,681 while the number of victims has grown to more than 119,827 .
119,199 , while the casualties have exceeded 11,198 In Spain , the situation is getting worse with each passing day, where the total number of cases has exceeded .
1,275 deaths & the total number of cases has exceeded 91,159 .
In Germany , 6,507 deaths & the total number of cases has exceeded 64,338 .
3,294 deaths & the total number of cases has exceeded 53,183 . In France ,

According to Arab media, a full-day curfew has been imposed in Mecca and Medina, but citizens will be allowed to leave home to pick up medicines and food items from 6am to 3pm. Will be for the individual. Remember that the number of Corona virus patients in the SA has grown to over 2,039 & killed more than 25 .
, Vehicles have been banned from controlling the Corona virus in 30 cities, including Istanbul. In Iran ,
Authorities are allowed to bring food items and medical supplies, including only the necessary traffic. Wear masks in public places, workplaces and food stores.
The curfew was imposed in the city from midnight on Friday.
20,921 .

Saudi government has imposed a curfew in holy cities of Mecca and Medina because of the Corona virus outbreak, which will also apply to the Haram-e-Sharif and the mosque. 72 deaths & the total number of cases has exceeded 2,567 .
425 on Friday and the number of certified cases has grown to more than In Pakistan death toll increased 40, total number of cases reached 2689. In India , 181, with 1986 infected.

People unemployed
On the other hand, an outbreak of unemployed people in the United States & worldwide has led to global outbreaks.
Global warfare appeals to fight corona virus
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for a ceasefire in all war-torn countries to fight the Corona virus outbreak. In a statement on Friday, he said war-torn countries such as Syria, Libya and Yemen could create serious conditions, and a Corona virus storm could engulf those regions.

Wear all masks, World Health Organization The mask is generally considered essential by the World Health Organization for staff treating coronary virus patients, but it is recommended to cover the mouth at home to prevent the outbreak.

The statement said that the specific mask used by medical personnel should not be used normally, so arrangements may be made for the use of commonly available masks or coverings when leaving the home.

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