Cuba || Human Rights Activists Criticize The Lack Of Legal Assistance For Demonstrators

According to human rights activists, demonstrators were arbitrarily arrested during the mass protests in Cuba. The detainees are therefore denied access to lawyers.

After protests against the government in Cuba, the arrested demonstrators are denied legal assistance. As human rights activists report, lawyers are turned away in the police stations in the Caribbean state. The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH) wrote that the courts in Cuba should also be closed for a week, so that no applications could be made during that time. Demonstrators are meanwhile arrested with arbitrariness and violence. Those who are released are forced to stay at home.

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On Sunday, thousands of Cubans demonstrated in numerous cities in the country for freedom, against oppression and an economy of shortage. Such protests had not taken place there for decades. Cuba’s economy is suffering heavily from the slump in tourism in the pandemic as well as from US sanctions. There is a lack of food and medicines. In addition, the corona numbers have recently increased significantly.

There was no official information on the number of arrests. Lists that were kept on the Internet of people whose whereabouts were unknown contained more than 300 names. The government-critical news portal 14ymedio , citing reports from the population, reported that more than 5,000 people had been arrested — including numerous activists. The government has reported one death so far, with a few more suspected.

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Although most of the Internet access had been blocked since Sunday, numerous videos of protests and violence by the security forces were gradually spread on social media. The authoritarian government said it was a violent unrest instigated by the United States. President Miguel Díaz-Canel called for people to defend the Cuban Revolution in the streets.

Until recently, the troop functioned as a “sociedadcivilcuba”, Cuban “civil society”, a term that has since become negatively charged, but is the “Cuban observatory for human rights” actually better? This is not a “zero or one” question, one can definitely be of the opinion that a regime is in power in Cuba, but that the USA is fueling the instabilities that are homemade there. As a possible reason I have already read the attempt on the part of the USA to slow down the Cuban vaccine in order to do better business in South America. Is that true? I can’t say, I would have to do more research first. The fact that the USA generally likes to destabilize other countries when it benefits its own interests should probably be quite indisputable. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will do it this time too.

“Human rights activists criticize the lack of legal assistance for demonstrators”

It does not go so far that false revolutionaries who call for the overthrow of their real socialist dictators, or actually only denounce the serious grievances in the country, are also rewarded with the presence of a lawyer. At some point, after decades, people should get used to how crappy the system is and not piss them off because of a little hunger or a lack of freedom.

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In addition, the citizens of the island state of Cuba should happily show what other wonderful fascist systems stand by as friends of their own leadership. What do the self-proclaimed revolutionaries actually expect? A human interaction with one another, equal rights before independent courts, freedom of assembly or free elections as in western democratic states?

That’ll be the day…

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