Ebrahim Raeissi Wins Presidential Election In Iran

According to official results, hardliner Ebrahim Raeissi will be the new President of Iran. The previous head of justice is the favorite of the powerful Ayatholla Khamenei.

According to official partial results, the ultra-conservative candidate Ebrahim Raeissi won the presidential election in Iran with more than 62 percent of the vote. Of the 28.6 million ballot papers counted, “more than 17.8 million” went to Raeissi, said the chairman of the national election commission. More than 59.3 million Iranians were eligible to vote.

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Raeissi’s competitor Abdolnaser Hemmati had recently admitted his defeat, as reported by the YJC news agency, among others. He hoped that Raeissi’s government, led by the spiritual and political leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, would bring prosperity to Iran, the state media quoted in a letter from the former central bank chief to his adversary.

The former commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Mohsen Resaei, also said that Raeissi had clearly won the election. Current incumbent Hassan Ruhani has stated that a new head of state was elected in the first ballot, but Ruhani did not mention the name of the winner in a televised address. “I congratulate the people on their election,” said Ruhani. “My official congratulations will come later, but we know who got enough votes in this election and who was elected by the people today.”

After the Council of Guardians had excluded all other promising candidates, the election of the ultra-conservative Justice Chief Raisi was considered almost certain. Several top candidates were simply sorted out without explanation. Surprisingly, the moderately conservative ex-parliamentary president Ali Larijani, chief negotiator for the nuclear deal, was not allowed to run for office.

After that, there was great disinterest in the election among the population, as many Iranians do not want to take part in a staged and undemocratic election. According to the Fars news agency, voter turnout was only 37 percent nationwide after twelve hours. The opening of the polling stations was therefore extended in the late evening by two hours until 11.30 p.m. local time.

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The 60-year-old clergyman Raeissi sees himself as a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, in the Shiite clergy he holds the second highest rank of Hodschatoleslam. He is a protégé of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei . As a politician, the ultra-conservative presents himself as a “relentless” fighter against poverty and corruption. Raeissi ran for the 2017 presidential election. At that time he was defeated by the moderate incumbent Hassan Ruhani, who was not allowed to run again after two terms.

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The political system of the Islamic Republic of Iran provides for a civil government, the work of which is overseen by Khamenei as the Supreme Leader of the Shiite clergy. He has the final say on all important issues and controls the defense and the nuclear program.

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