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EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) has announced an additional 100 million euros to support Afghans in need. “We must do everything we can to avert the real danger of a major famine and humanitarian catastrophe,” said von der Leyen in her address on the State of the European Union to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The additional 100 million euros should be part of a new support package that will be presented in the next few weeks.

Von der Leyen also made it clear that the EU must learn lessons from the takeover of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan . The community of 27 states was not involved in the military operation in support of the previous government in the country. But she has invested a lot of money in projects that should prevent the Taliban from regaining power.

The EU had already promised aid of 200 million euros for Afghanistan for the current year. Other countries had also increased their funds. According to the United Nations, a total of more than one billion euros was raised at an international donor conference in Geneva on Monday . With a commitment of 100 million euros, Germany is one of the largest donors.

EU wants to donate 200 million more vaccine doses to Africa

Von der Leyen also wants to strengthen Europe militarily in close cooperation with NATO. To this end, the EU Commission is preparing a joint declaration with the transatlantic alliance, said the EU Commission chief. At the same time, she announced that the EU would double its contribution to global nature conservation in order to combat the decline of biodiversity. The recipients of the aid are the weakest countries in the world, said von der Leyen. For the years up to 2027, she named an additional four billion euros.

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In her speech, von der Leyen also announced a stronger international commitment by the EU to contain the corona pandemic. The EU wants to donate another 200 million doses of corona vaccine to African countries. The donation will be delivered in full by the middle of next year, said the EU Commission President. It is in addition to the 250 million doses previously promised. The move underscores the EU’s determination to help poorer countries fight the pandemic, she said, speaking of an “investment in solidarity” and at the same time in global health.

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So far, 700 million vaccine doses have been delivered to the people in Europe, and the EU has delivered just as many to a total of 130 countries. “We are the only region in the world that has made it,” said von der Leyen. Now it is the top priority to accelerate the global vaccination progress. In countries with lower incomes, less than one percent of all vaccine doses have so far been administered, said von der Leyen and called the fight against the pandemic “one of the great geopolitical questions of our time”. The extent of the injustice and the urgency of the issue are obvious, said the EU Commission chief.

In addition, the EU Commission President announced that 2022 will be the year of European youth. This was intended to appreciate the young people who would have sacrificed a lot to protect others during the corona pandemic.

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