Former Mossad Chief’s Eye-Opening Interview Reveals Details Of Operations Against Iran

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The recently retired head of the Israeli spy agency Mossad has revealed in an interview his country’s operations against Iran.

UC Cohen details Iran’s nuclear document theft

In 2018, millions of documents were stolen from Iran and sent to Israel. He also hinted at Israeli involvement in the destruction of an Iranian nuclear plant and the assassination of a nuclear scientist. Cohen retired as Mossad chief last week.

He spoke to journalist Ilana Diane in a documentary on Israel’s Channel 12 that aired Thursday night. Cohen was appointed head of Mossad by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in late 2015. He joined Mossad in 1982 after graduating from a London university. Speaking on the program, he said that he has had ‘hundreds’ of passports throughout his career.

The most eye-catching moments in the interview were when he was talking about the theft of Iran’s nuclear documents.

Benjamin Netanyahu told about these files during a press conference in 2018. He said it showed that Iran was secretly trying to build a nuclear weapon and that it had secretly obtained information to do so. Iran denies the allegations.

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Cohen said in an interview that it took him two years to plan the operation. Journalist Ilana Dia said it included a total of 20 Mossad agents on Iranian soil, none of whom were Israeli citizens.

The Mossad chief watched the entire operation from a command center in Tel Aviv. Agents broke into a warehouse and broke into 30 lockers. According to the Times of Israel, he said,

It was a very exciting moment for all of us when the pictures of the documents came on the screen

He added that all 20 agents survived the operation and were still in good health, but some had to be expelled from Iran.

Interview full of amazing details

It is not uncommon for former Mossad chiefs to give interviews or express their views on issues in the knowledge of the press, but UC Cohen’s comments are astonishing because they go into so much detail.

That’s why the Times of Israel called the interview “surprising and eye-opening.”

Like a thriller novel, Cohen recounted how agents broke into vaults, stole tons of Iranian nuclear documents, and escorted them out of the country, evading pursuing security personnel. He also came close to admitting that Israel had destroyed an Iranian underground nuclear plant.

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However, the interview was measured and must have been conducted by Israeli military censors. Its timing is also very interesting. This comes at a time when talks between Iran and world powers on the resumption of the nuclear deal are beginning to show signs of progress.

It also sends a message to Israel’s enemies that Mossad is willing to work deep inside the enemy’s borders. Israel has openly spoken out about the theft of millions of documents, but Cohen has hinted at Mossad’s involvement in operations that have so far only been suspected of having an Israeli hand.

In the interview, Cohen talked about the Natanz nuclear plant in Iran. Iran says a sabotage operation at a uranium enrichment plant caught fire in July 2020. Just a day after the new equipment was unveiled in April this year, officials said it had been sabotaged and severely damaged.

Iran has accused Israel of “nuclear terrorism.”

UC Cohen told reporter Elena Diane in an interview that she knew the site well and could take her to the hall where “rotating centrifuges are installed.” Then he said: ‘Those who used to go around. Now that hall is not what it used to be. He also spoke about Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizada, who was assassinated on a street outside Tehran last November.

Iran has publicly blamed Israel

The former Mossad chief did not confirm or deny involvement, but said the scientists had been targeted “for many years” and that their scientific knowledge had raised concerns in Mossad.

If a person has the potential to endanger the lives of Israeli citizens, that person must be extinct

But he added that

if anyone is willing to change his position and not harm us further, he can be spared

In an interview full of revelations, the recently retired head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, Yossi Cohen, has revealed the secret operations against Iran.

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In an interview with Israeli state television, the former Mossad chief hinted at Mossad’s involvement in the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizada, the founder of Iran’s nuclear program, and the attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility, including stealing Iran’s nuclear secrets. UC Cohen is thought to have recently retired and been replaced by a new Mossad chief. Cohen, who was appointed head of Israel’s intelligence agency in 2015, revealed in an interview that he had passports from more than 100 countries.

In 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed that he had up-to-date and sensitive information about Iran’s nuclear program, obtained by his intelligence agencies, and that the documents showed that Iran was secretly Attempts to build a nuclear weapon have been denied by Iran.

According to the Israeli newspaper, UC Cohen said that the operation was prepared for 2 years and it had 20 Mossad agents, none of whom was an Israeli citizen. The operation was overseen by Mossad chief Neki and his agents, who broke into a secret Iranian warehouse, broke into 30 safe houses, obtained documents and managed to send them out of Iran. All agents were safe in the operation, and some Was also removed.

In an interview, UC Cohen said in response to a question about the attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant in April this year that he knew the location well enough to take anyone to where the centrifuges were. The former Mossad chief also spoke about the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizada, the founder of Iran’s nuclear program, in November last year, which Iran blamed on Israel. UC Cohen did not deny or acknowledge Mossad’s involvement in the assassination of Mohsin Fakhrizada, but said he had been in our custody for some time and that Mossad was concerned about his scientific knowledge. According to the interviewer, Cohen made it clear that if anyone poses a threat to Israeli citizens, they will be stopped, but if anyone wants to change their career, it is a threat to us. If not, we can skip it.

Eight parties sign coalition agreement to replace Netanyahu

The new Israeli government is to be sworn in on Sunday. The alliance of right and left parties wants to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after twelve years.

Shortly before the planned swearing-in of the future government in Israel, all eight parties signed the coalition agreements. The parties announced that the construction of the future government, which is to replace the incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after twelve years, is complete. The swearing-in is to take place in parliament on Sunday after a vote of confidence.

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The alliance consists of eight parties from the right to the left, including an Arab party, and has a wafer-thin majority of 61 of the 120 MP’s. The right-wing conservative head of government Netanyahu and his supporters had tried in the past few days with massive pressure to prevent a change of government.

“The signing of these agreements puts an end to a two and a half year political crisis,” said Prime Minister-designate Naftali Bennett of the far-right Jamina party. “The government will work as a unit for the entire Israeli public — religious, secular, ultra-Orthodox, Arabic — without exception.”

Only eight years in office

The coalition agreements include public transport on the Jewish day of rest on the Sabbath, stronger financial support for the Arab part of society and illegal buildings in the so-called C areas in the West Bank. In the C areas, Israel has both civil and military control. The Palestinians, however, see the West Bank as part of an independent Palestinian state. In addition, the allies want to limit the term of office of a Prime Minister to eight years.

The eight opposition parties had gathered around the Israeli opposition leader Jair Lapid after the collapse of the coalition between Netanyahu’s Likud party and the social-liberal alliance Blue-White of his former rival Benny Gantz. Lapid is to replace Bennett after two years as prime minister.

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A corruption process is underway against Netanyahu, he is accused of being commercially viable and abuses of power. Critics accuse him of taking advantage of the government crisis in Israel to protect himself from persecution through his post and of deliberately provoking new elections.

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