Fourth of July in US & Fifth of July US under Rocket attacks in Iraq

2 min readJul 5, 2020


In his Independence Day address, Trump called left-wing extremism a major threat

In his Independence Day address, the US President described left-wing extremism as a major threat, large demonstrations against racism and police violence in US cities, and the demolition of a statue of Columbus in Baltimore.

Demonstrations against racism also took place on Independence Day in the United States, with large demonstrations in Washington and New York. Protesters tear down American flag in Washington Proponents and opponents of Trump came face to face and clashed, with police intervening. The American flag was also burned in front of the Trump Tower in New York.

Speaking at the White House on Independence Day, President Trump said the protesters wanted to erase American history. He also likened the protesters to Nazis and terrorists, adding that the fundamentalists would defeat the left.

The US president did not forget to criticize China on the occasion of Independence Day, saying that it should be fully responsible for where the virus originated.

In Baltimore, angry protesters also tore down a statue of Columbus, threw the statue’s head into the water, and police arrested no one.

Rockets were fired at US embassies and military installations in Iraq, but US Air Defense defused the rockets in mid-air.

According to the International News Agency, a rocket was fired at the US embassy in the Red Zone area of Iraq, which was defused in the air by the air defense system installed in the US embassy. However, parts of the rocket collided with a nearby building. Injured.

The struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. No immediate reports of injuries or severe damage. In addition to the US military, Coalition forces are stationed at Taji Base.

A spokesman for the Iraqi army said both attacks were carried out in the Ali al-Saleh area of Baghdad, and that US military installations and embassies had been under missile attack for months. Ali al-Saleh is considered a stronghold of pro-Iranian forces.

It should be noted that since the death of General Qasim Soleimani, the head of Iran’s Al-Quds Force, in the US attack on Baghdad Airport in January this year, the attacks on US troops and the embassy have increased.

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