In what way China overcome the Corona virus?

2 min readApr 20, 2020


The Novel Corona virus began in Wuhan, China, after which it attacked the whole world, but China has taken control of it by taking protective measures, and now routine life is restored there

It is difficult to find an example of the rapid lockdown of China. The United States, Italy, Spain, and other Western countries took so long to lock down in respect of civil liberties that a big reason Corona was out of control.
Corona tests of entire populations were tested in China, quarantined in government centers immediately after the test came out positive, thus the duration of the appearance of corona and hospitalization was limited to two days.
In the United States, Italy and other countries, only those who showed symptoms and then infected with the virus, hospitalization went on for fifteen days, during which the affected person spread the virus.
Free testing in the United States was limited to official laboratories, while in China corona tests were free everywhere.
China has set up a hospital in a few days, night and day, which is specific to dealing with the epidemic, a 1000-bed hospital for six days, and a 1300-bed hospital built in 15 days.
Health care systems in the US and Italy have dropped after pressure from Corona. Doctors had to decide several times to save a single patient and leave the rest to die.
Understanding the nature of the virus, China stopped trains, buses and public transport immediately, though it could not be done immediately in the United States and Italy.
The CT scan rate for coronary patients in China was 10 minutes per scan, whereas in the US and Italy it was over half an hour.
Chinese security officials did not give the people a chance to violate the lockdown, but the lockdown could not be strictly implemented in the United States and Europe.
China provided food to entire populations in Lockdown to their homes; in this work the US and European countries not only lagged behind China but far behind.
This is why despite the more than 82,747 cases of the Corona virus in China, it was overcome and lockdown was strictly implemented to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

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