India-China tensions || Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ladakh

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday paid an unannounced visit to the border area with China, his first visit since the recent tensions between the two countries.

It may be recalled that 20 Indian soldiers were killed during a clash between the armies of the two countries in the Gulwan Valley, the first incident of its kind in the region in 45 years.

According to AFP, Narendra Modi visited the Nemo Military Base in Ladakh, about 100 km from the site of the June 15 clash between Indian and Chinese troops.

Security sources told AFP that Narendra Modi was also scheduled to visit a military hospital in nearby Leh where he would meet wounded soldiers.

The Indian Army Chief was also present with Narendra Modi on a visit to the sensitive area.

According to AFP, some Chinese soldiers were also injured in the clash with Indian troops, but no details were given.

The two countries blamed each other for the clash, and thousands more troops have been deployed in the area since then.

In addition, talks were held between the two countries at the level of military commanders, in which it was agreed to reduce tensions, but not much progress has been made.

India has tried to put pressure on China by banning 59 Chinese mobile apps this week. These apps also include the popular app TikTok.

Due to strict border checks in India, imports from China are also being stopped at the port.

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