India follows in Israel’s footsteps

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This is the scene of the visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Israel, who was given full protocol in Tel Aviv. At the end of the visit, the two Prime Ministers held a joint press conference. In which the words of the Israeli Prime Minister are very important. He said a few sentences in his speech. These words were in fact the beginning of making Kashmir another Palestine.

The Israeli Prime Minister said that India and Israel are changing their world and perhaps both countries are changing parts of the world. Because it is an example of cooperation between the two countries.

The foundation of the relationship between the two countries has probably been written by the scribe of destiny from day one, which we are completing in the world. This statement of the Israeli Prime Minister was not given much importance by the foreign affairs officials of Pakistan at that time.

But on August 5 last year, the Indian government’s actions made the statement a reality. Now the question arises, how are Israel and India partners? The question also arises as to how Kashmir is becoming another Palestine.

In this blog, I will try to talk about the steps taken by the Indian government since August 5 and the four issues on the basis of which Kashmir and Palestine have similarities.

The most important point is the occupied territories of both Kashmir and Palestine

At present, there are about 900,000 Indian troops stationed in occupied Kashmir and it is the largest region in the world where militancy is taking place. India has turned Kashmir into the world’s largest open cage, where people are imprisoned. At present, one Indian soldier has been deployed for every six Kashmiris. Since the amendments to Articles 370 and 35A, the rights of Kashmiris, which used to give them a separate identity, have also been taken away. Although the cage, they had the right to own their land. They have also been deprived of the right to vote.

On the other hand, if we look at Israel, this country has been established on the occupied land under the colonial method. And India is gradually moving in the same direction. Under this colonial system, Indian Kashmiris are being genocide.

Since January 1, 640 Kashmiris have been martyred by the Indian Army, most of them highly educated youth. Just as Israel is occupying Palestinian lands on a daily basis under various schemes, so India is consolidating its hold on the valley through non-state actors. India has issued fake domiciles to 25,000 Hindus to change the proportion of Muslim population in Kashmir. Surprisingly, both India and Israel are singing the tune of their democracy. But in occupied Kashmir and Palestine, their democracy ends.

Searching for civilians is common in both areas. Occupying forces can destroy any house at any time. Citizens’ expression is strictly prohibited. Not only that, but curfew is imposed on a daily basis in Kashmir and Palestine. In Palestine, any citizen is ever declared a terrorist, while in Occupied Kashmir, this work is being carried out in the name of the Public Safety Act.

The third similarity between the Kashmir issue and Palestine is the incidence of physical and sexual violence. Residents of both the areas are always in fear of when they will have to go through this ordeal. Occupied Kashmir has been plagued by incidents of mass humiliation since the 1990s, while in South Kashmir since August 5, the number has risen alarmingly. The Kashmir and Palestine issue is not only the basis of occupation and colonialism, but also an internationally recognized right to self-determination. Israel has occupied the Palestinian territory and is constantly expanding it, while India is following in its footsteps.

The Israeli prime minister is a racist and nationalist individual and is working to promote Zionism. Now if we look at the Kashmir issue, India is using the name of Hindu nationalism in the valley. When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, he has been working for Hindutva ideology ever since. In his time, where life has become difficult for Muslims in India, atrocities against Kashmiri Muslims are also on the rise. Minorities in India feel insecure.

India is expanding ties with Israel to promote anti-Muslim rhetoric. Not only that, but Narendra Modi also won the recent elections with the same slogans. Israel sells 46% of its weapons to India. Thus, India is also the largest buyer of Israeli arms. At a time when the Palestinian issue is a volcano for the entire Middle East, the Kashmir issue could engulf South Asia. Just as the United Nations has turned a blind eye to the Palestinian issue, so has the Kashmir issue been criminally silenced.

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