India’s Most Wanted Gangster Killed in Police Encounter

In India, notorious accused Vikas Dubey was killed in a suspicious police encounter

According to Indian media, the Special Task Force of Police arrested Vikas Dubey from Ojin in Madhya Pradesh and was on his way to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh when he was killed in a confrontation on the way.

Police claim that the convoy met with an accident on the way.

Meanwhile, Vikas Dubey snatched the policeman’s pistol and tried to flee. He opened fire on the police but was killed in retaliation.

A few days ago, police raided Vikas Dubey’s fort-like house to arrest him, where armed men ambushed the roofs of the houses and opened fire on the police, killing eight policemen, including DSP Devendra.

Vikas Dubey was a fugitive in 60 serious cases, including murder, attempted murder, robbery, including the murder of a minister, but survived due to political influence. The government also announced a reward for his arrest. He went to jail several times but was always out on bail.

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