ISRAEL || Government Agreement In Israel To Oust Netanyahu After 12 Years Of Power

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Reflecting the enormous political drama in Israel, the centrist leader Yair Lapid announced the formation of a government 35 minutes before his term expired. The unnatural alliances embodied in arduous negotiations by the leader of Yesh Atid with seven parties (left, right, center and even one Arab) give way to the pact of a coalition as unusual as the effect it can cause: the departure of Benjamin Netanyahu from power after 12 years in a row in a country where children do not know another person holding the position of prime minister.

The delivery of the agreement has been so complex that it jeopardized the birth of the child conceived by Lapid, who announced it in extremis to President Reuven Rivlin. “I am committed to this Government serving all the citizens of Israel, both those who voted for us and those who did not; He will respect his opponents and will do everything possible to unite and connect all parts of Israeli society, “he said with satisfaction.

However, until the inauguration scheduled in 10 days, the Likud will intensify the pressure on some deputies of the small right-wing Yamina party not to vote in favor, trying to frustrate that its leader, Naftali Bennett, heads the government for the first two years before giving the relief to Lapid.

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As an unprecedented crisis (four elections and a failed rotational government in two years) is fixed with unprecedented formulas, Lapid has agreed with parties of very different ideologies united only in the desire to evict Netanyahu from the official residence on the street. Balfour of Jerusalem. They accuse him of being responsible for the internal tension and political paralysis, and recall his trial for corruption.

The two centrist parties Yesh Atid (17) and Blue and White (8), both from the left — Meretz (6) and Labor (7) -, the three conservatives — Yamina (6), Nueva Esperanza (6) and Israel Beitenu (7) — and the Islamist Arab Raam (4) make up the “Government of change”, which would be science fiction without facing the figure of Netanyahu as prime minister and now perhaps as head of the opposition. The fame of a great survivor of the Knesset jungle and the extreme heterogeneity of the coalition sewn by Lapid, dependent on many threads, lead us to remember — some with fear and others with hope — that nothing is final until 61 of the 120 deputies vote for him.

The great ideological diversity of the Government is also its great weakness. Netanyahu knows this, that at the head of a compact conservative and ultra-Orthodox bloc — made up of 52 deputies — he will do everything possible to provoke tensions and divisions that ruin Lapid and Bennett’s startup . Like any emerging technology company, it combines originality, daring and risk. Until he assumes the reins of Israel in two years, Lapid will act as number two of the Government, head of Foreign Affairs and above all firefighter who extinguishes the guaranteed fires in the coalition.

The first to assume the leadership of the Government will be Bennett, with little support in Parliament and in the coalition itself. In the March 23 elections, he won only seven seats, one of which has already been unmarked in protest for failing to fulfill the electoral promise not to agree with the left, not to be based on an Arab party or to be under Lapid’s baton. Never has a politician achieved so much with so little in Israel, taking advantage of the fact that its few soldiers are essential. The price Bennett pays to be prime minister is the signing of a divorce with his nationalist base.

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For the first time, an Arab party is a founding signatory of the Government of the Jewish State. Nor is an Executive with so many women remembered (8). Never before has the leftist Meretz embraced a leader identified with the colonies as he does now, though not out of love but because of Bennett’s contribution to bringing the pacifist left back to power after 30 years of absence. “He is not a conventional Executive, but what is the alternative? What follows the defendant for corruption as prime minister? New elections to return to the same point? “, Says its leader, Nitzan Horowitz, who will be Minister of Health in a country where there is no trace of the pandemic.

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The Knesset must approve the government but in no case will it do so with the overwhelming majority achieved by former Labor leader Isaac Herzog, who with 87 votes in favor became the eleventh president of Israel on Wednesday. Rivlin started the day by congratulating his successor and ended it by presiding over the Cup final while waiting for Lapid’s call, which came in the 90th minute. Double happiness for the centrist leader as his Maccabi Tel Aviv won the Cup.

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