Middle East Conflict: There Is Only A Future Without Hamas || Let The Palestinians Die For The Victory Of The Muslim Brotherhood

Since April there have been repeated riots between the Palestinians and the Israeli police in the Arab-dominated eastern part of Jerusalem.

After militant Palestinians fired several rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip in May, Israel responded with air strikes.

The Israeli government and the radical Islamic Hamas agreed on a ceasefire at the end of May.

One of the reasons for the riots is that the houses of Palestinian families from the Arab district of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem are to be evacuated.

If Israel withdrew completely from the West Bank, there would be chaos. A political reform of the Palestinian territories is necessary — without the terrorist group in Gaza.

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Some conflicts have no solution, just a story. This applies to the conflict, which we at the same time euphemistically and exaggeratedly call the” Middle East conflict “ because, for obvious reasons, “the Israel problem” does not want to cross our lips. But let’s be honest: when we talk about the Middle East conflict, we don’t mean the civil war in Syria, the collapse of statehood in Lebanon, the situation of the Palestinians in Jordan, and certainly not the neo-Ottoman ambitions of Turkey or Egypt’s fight against the Muslim Brotherhood. We mean the Israel problem.

We pay Turkey to stay away from Syrian refugees. We bombed the “Islamic State” — with enormous collateral damage, which we do not want to hear about. We hope, against all odds, that Lebanon does not implode. We prefer not to ask exactly how things are going with democracy in Jordan and human rights in Egypt. Only with Israel are we all experts. We know exactly that Israeli “settlements” are hindering the “peace process”, that Israel’s “occupation” of the “West Bank” must stop so that the “two-state solution” has a chance to “protect the Palestinians”

We know exactly that it won’t turn out that way. In addition to the former Syrian Golan Heights, the former Jordanian-occupied areas of Judea and Samaria and the formerly Egyptian-occupied Gaza, Israel once occupied all of Sinai and southern Lebanon. Then someone invented the formula “land for peace”. Israel has withdrawn from Sinai, southern Lebanon and Gaza.

Corrupt Fatah, terrorist Hamas

The result: Thousands of rockets are fired from Gaza at civilian targets in Israel. Hezbollah is directing thousands more from Lebanon to Israeli cities and villages. If Israel were to withdraw completely from the West Bank tomorrow, the result would be slaughter: not only on Jewish settlers, but above all from Palestinians to Palestinians, Hamas troops to Fatah fighters, followers of Iran to clients of the Gulf states. Jordan and Lebanon would soon be drawn into the chaos. Then we would actually have a comprehensive Middle East conflict from the Mediterranean to the Iraqi border. Apart from Iran and maybe Turkey, no other power in the region wants that.

From this realization, the right-wing Israeli journalist Caroline Glick concluded in 2014 that it would be absurd to continue to follow the discredited logic of “land for peace”; Instead, Israel and its friends would have to pursue a one-state solution: the annexation of the West Bank. As on the Golan and in East Jerusalem, according to Glick, Israel’s security forces would keep things calm; the Arab population would benefit from democracy and the rule of law and an Israeli investment boom and would be as loyal as today’s Arab citizens of Israel; the alleged demographic problem — the potential preponderance of the Arab population — is simply “propaganda”.

Glick went unnoticed in Germany. But when the left-wing Israeli philosophy professor Omri Boehm presented the same idea in 2020, he was passed from talk show to talk show like a savior. Glick’s proposal for a robust annexation would at least have the military and security-political feasibility on their side, while Boehm clings to the vague hope that the coexistence of Jews and Arabs in his Israeli hometown of Haifa could serve as a model for a post-Zionist “utopia”. If one wants to be friendly, one might think that the utopian aspect of Boehm’s ideas makes them popular in notoriously idealistic Germany; if one wants to be mean, one might believe that it is post-Zionist. Jewish state gone, problem solved.

It is not known whether Glick and Boehm have held on to their “solution” over the past few days and weeks after the protests, revolts and pogroms by Arab Israelis — and the also sometimes brutal anti-Arab excesses by Jewish Israelis. What is clear, however, is that a two-state or one-state solution will remain a utopia as long as Ramallah, the seat of the Fatah-ruled Palestinian Administration (PA), is ruled by a corrupt and democratically illegitimate clique and an Islamist terrorist group in Gaza. This is proven by the Hamas rocket attack on Israel, which was primarily a move in the power struggle of these groups. After PA chief Mahmud AbbasHaving canceled the planned parliamentary elections in view of the defeat of Fatah, which he led, tried to make common cause against Abbas together with opposition “lists” — opposition parties are just as banned in Fatah as in Gaza under Hamas. Vain. Hamas then took advantage of the unrest in Jerusalem to use rockets to target Israel as the defender of the holy places.

Unlike many in the West, the role of Hamas in the Arab world is clearly seen. The Saudi journalist Abdullah Nasser Al Otaibi wrote: “Hamas says: Let the Palestinians die for the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood.” The Egyptian publicist Khaled al-Berry said criticism of Hamas was “in the interests of the Palestinians, today and tomorrow.” Ahdeya Ahmed Al Sayed, head of the Journalists’ Union in Bahrain, called those who support terrorists like Hamas “traitors” to the Palestinian cause. In the United Emirates, Al-Sheikh Wuldalsalek accused Iran and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of “shamelessly and unscrupulously exploiting Palestinian blood”. Since the signing of the Abrahamic Peace Accords with Israel, “the extremists have been working to to kill this dream. It is sad that some work hard for peace while others work hard for the war and the continuation of the conflict. “In Saudi Arabia, Abdulah Bin Binjad Al Otaibi called for” stopping those who are ready to defeat Palestine and to burn his people. “Anyone could find out about the” crimes of Hamas against the Palestinians “on the Internet. Arab states should help the Palestinians to get new political leaders.

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The voices quoted — just a few among many — naturally speak in favor of their thoroughly authoritarian governments. Iran’s attempts to destabilize the region have turned the Sunni Arab states from Morocco to the Gulf into potential or real, open or hidden allies of Israel. Unlike his predecessor, US President Joe Biden has no ambitions in the region. One advisor put it that he did not want to win a Nobel Prize. In terms of foreign policy, Biden is concerned with managing the global rivalry with China and Russia. During the exchange of blows between Hamas and Israel, the president waited until Israel had significantly reduced the capacity of the terrorist force before announcing that he had urged Benjamin Netanyahu to de-escalate.

A common border regime on the Jordan and in the Mediterranean

American disinterest opens up opportunities for regional actors such as Egypt, Jordan, the Saudis and — yes, also — the PA to actually work towards regime change in Gaza.

If Hamas remains in power, the next attack on Israel is only a matter of time. Only without Hamas could the way be cleared for political reform in the West Bank and Gaza and the development of a regional strategy that would, on the one hand, support the aspirations of the Palestinians for self-government, and on the other — for example through a border regime on the Jordan for which Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine are jointly responsible and in the Mediterranean — Israeli security needs respected.

That would be far from a solution to the “Middle East conflict”, the deepest cause of which lies in Iran’s terror exports. In the eyes of some Arabs, left-wingers and European anti-Semites, it would certainly not be the solution to the “Israel problem”. But the history of this problem could at least enter a new, more productive phase.

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