Mysterious Attacks in Iran | A cyber war Israel vs Iran

4 min readJul 7, 2020

The group claimed called Homeland Cheetah to attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities in Natanz, claimed that they had destroyed the Natanz building and that the Iranian government would not be able to hide the destruction.

The group also claimed to be a defector of the Iranian military and security agencies and responsible for the recent bombings, which the Iranian government is still keeping secret.

Iran’s National Atomic Energy Agency announced that an incident had taken place at the Natanz nuclear plant, but the agency ruled out any sabotage.

The Supreme Security Council, Iran’s largest security body, announced that it knew the cause of the “incident” but that it would not do so for “national security reasons.” What happened?

The US space agency NASA has released satellite images showing a fire in Natanz at 2:06 p.m. This is almost the time claimed of the ‘Homeland Cheetah’ group.

The so-called “Homeland Cheetah” is similar to the Iranian cyber group “Persian Cat” or “Charming Cotton”. These hacker groups are part of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps cyber army.

In late May this year, Iran’s biggest enemy, Israel’s National Cyber Security Organization, said it had foiled an attack to destroy the country’s water supply system. The indication was that the attack was carried out by Iran.

A few days later, a cyber attack took place on the port of Shaheed Rajai in southern Iran.

Fifty percent of Iran’s imports and exports come from this port. The attack closed the canals near the port and flooded the roads leading to the port.

Iranian officials have blamed a power outage for the incident, but Western intelligence sources say it was a retaliatory Israeli attack on Iran.

Over the past three months, there has been a sharp rise in the number of explosions and arson attacks in sensitive parts of the country in Iran, and they have suffered significant damage.

Many of these fires have taken place in nuclear facilities, oil refineries, power plants, major factories and businesses.

There have been several such incidents in Iran since June 26

Explosion at a liquid fuel manufacturing facility at a ballistic missile factory in Khajir, near Parchin, Tehran. Blast at a large power plant across the city in Shiraz, causing a blackout throughout the city. A bomb blast at a Tehran hospital kills 19 people. Explosion and arson at nuclear facilities in Natanz. A bloody fire broke out in Shiraz. Explosion and arson at Ahwaz power plant, release of chemical liquid at Karun Petrochemical in Mehshahr.

Saeed Aganji, an Iranian journalist based in Finland who is monitoring the incidents, said the incidents were “unusual” and may have been deliberate.

“Targeting Iran’s economic and military targets is aimed at breaking the backbone of Iran’s economy and forcing the government to stop funding armed groups and militias in other countries, and the Middle East.”

He should change his strategy in the middle.

Parchin and Khajir are two military bases located on the outskirts of Tehran and are believed to have nuclear and missile facilities.

All attempts by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to enter Parchin have so far failed, leading to suspicions that Iran is experimenting with nuclear material explosives here.

Iran’s IRNA news agency has acknowledged that arson in Natanz could be the result of “sabotage” by enemy countries, especially the Zionist regime and the United States.

Iran’s civil defense minister has vowed to retaliate if it is proved that Iran was the target of cyber attacks.

An unnamed Middle Eastern intelligence source told the New York Times on Sunday that the bombing was carried out by Israeli forces in Natanz. Earlier in the day, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “when we are accused of carrying out an operation in Iran, we say, ‘It is better not to say anything.’

Israel generally does not accept responsibility for such actions, and Iranian officials have refrained from directly blaming Israel. But it seems that a cyber war has started between the two countries.

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