North Korea Confirms Ballistic Missile Test

3 min readOct 20, 2021


North Korean state media have confirmed that the government has tested a modern short-range ballistic missile from the sea, while analysts say the move is aimed at entering the field of effective submarine missiles as soon as possible.

According to foreign news agency Reuters, the statement from state media came after South Korean military reports that they believed North Korea had launched a ballistic missile (SLBM) into its eastern waters. What is fire?

He said it was one of the latest in North Korea’s new missile tests.

The White House has called on North Korea to refrain from further “provocations”, with White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie saying the United States was still ready for diplomatic talks with North Korea over its weapons program.

Pyongyang has rejected an offer of diplomatic talks between the United States and South Korea, accusing it of escalating the conflict with its own military activities.

In addition, the US and British ambassadors to the UN Security Council said they intended to enhance North Korea’s latest experience.

North Korea’s state-run news agency KCNA said the “new type” of SLBM had been tested in the same area where the old SLBM was tested in 2016. ۔

North Korea has a large fleet of ancient submarines but has not yet been deployed in front of the experimental Guy class boats used for effective ballistic missile tests.

The images, published by KCNA, show a missile that is thinner and smaller than North Korea’s previous design, and could be the first model to be shown at a defense exhibition in Pyongyang.

The purpose of a small SLBM is to store a large number of missiles in a submarine, although North Korea, armed with a short range, is close to joining the race for a fully functional ballistic missile (SSB).

Joseph Dempsey, a defense researcher at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said on Twitter: Which can be easily incorporated and modified before entering the submarine.

Until further developments on the large submarine, the development is likely to have limited effects on Pyongyang’s weapons, which are still under construction.

“It means they’re trying to expand the submarine operation,” said Dave Schmiller, an experienced researcher at the James Martin Center for Weapons Control in California.

“It’s an exciting development, but it’s the only submarine at sea. It could launch one or two more nationally, but it won’t change much,” he said.

Dong Yup, a teacher at Seoul’s Comprehensive Kyungnam and a former South Korean naval officer, cited instructions on the missile’s range, appearance and technology, and said it could be a renewal of the K-23 missile, a short-range ballistic missile test. What has been done before in 2019?

KCNA said that SLBM has advanced capabilities to ‘grow fast and stop quietly’.

The KCNA added that “(SLBM) will play a key role in the country’s defense technology at the highest level and will also enhance the Navy’s ability to conduct underwater operations.”

Schmiller said the “silent stop” process is a process of changing the speed of the missile so that it is difficult to chase and stop.

North Korea has tested a number of short-range missiles this year, analysts say, designed to evade South Korea’s defense system.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was not present during yesterday’s test.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missile was launched from the sea near Senpo, which houses North Korean submarines and SLBM test equipment.

It should be noted that according to the South Korean military, the short-range ballistic missile is possibly an SLBM that was fired into the sea east of the peninsula from Sanpo.

This submarine-launched missile capability would take North Korea’s weapons to a new level, allow for more deployments than the Korean Peninsula, and would enable other types of operations in the event of an attack on its military bases.

Last month, on September 30, North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a new hypersonic gliding missile.

North Korea, which has several international sanctions on its banned nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, said earlier this month that it had tested long-range cruise missiles.

The KCNA said the development of hypersonic missiles was one of the five “top priorities” in the five-year strategic weapons program.




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