PIA Flight PK8303 || The Captain of the Crashed Plane Forgot to Open the Landing Gear

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The investigation into the tragic crash of PIA flight PK8303 in Karachi is still in its early stages and on Tuesday, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus also sent an 11-member team to Pakistan. Technical experts will investigate the cause of the crash of Flight PK8303 in Karachi on May 22. Experts will consult the Pakistani investigation team into the crash.

According to sources, members of the technical team of the aircraft manufacturer will inspect the runway of Karachi Airport where the pilot had tried to land the flight without opening the gears.

Significant progress has been made in the investigation of the PIA plane crash

The air traffic and approach controllers submitted a written reply stating that the captain of the plane had disregarded the instructions which led to the accident.

According to sources, both the controllers were investigated by the Air Investigation Board. The written reply said that on May 22, PK 8303 was handled by the Approach Tower Controller from Lahore to Karachi. The Approach Tower then assigned the task of landing the aircraft 10 nautical miles from landing to the ATC controller.

The Approach and the AT Controller, after disclosing all information about the captain of the aircraft to the Board of Inquiry, claimed that the Captain ignored the instructions given 10 nautical miles from the landing.

The approach controller said that before landing, where the plane was at an altitude of 1800 feet, the captain was flying the plane at an altitude of 3,000 feet. Repeatedly instructed, the captain said he would manage altitude and speed before landing.

The AT controller replied that the captain landed the plane for the first time without opening the landing gear. When the captain made the first landing, both engines collided with the runway and rubbed against the runway three times. The captain maintained speed and altitude during landing and forgot to open the landing gear. Landing a plane without landing gear can cause the engine to hit the runway and cause sparks. The captain then flew again and asked for permission to land.

According to sources, the investigation team questioned the ATC and the approach tower controllers that the captain of the plane had signaled an emergency landing, to which they replied that the captain did not declare an emergency and said that he was calm and would land. The plane was allowed to land on Runway №25 left.

The reply stated that the captain forgot to open the landing gear while controlling the altitude and speed at the time of landing. The captain of the ship landed the aircraft without opening the landing gear for the first time. The two engines collided on the runway and collided with the runway three times, causing sparks and the captain took off again.

The air traffic controller monitors each aircraft and uses radar, so he tells the pilot that the altitude is higher and the distance from the runway is shorter. That’s why they instruct the pilot that the height of the plane is high, turn left and take another turn and bring the plane back to the desired height and return again to land.

and then the traffic controller allowed him to land.

Shortly afterwards, a siren is heard in the audio of the plane, followed by the pilot’s voice that we want to circle again and land.

The captain of the ship said at the time of re-landing that the engines of the ship stopped working but the captain did not mention the emergency landing and said that he was calm.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, a PIA plane crashed on a residential area in Model Colony Jinnah Garden near the airport, killing 97 passengers and miraculously surviving.

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