Re-emergence of corona in Wuhan, ordering test of the entire population

The Chinese government has announced that corona tests will be performed on the entire city’s population after the re-emergence of corona cases in Wuhan

According to Chinese state media, after the lockdown in Wuhan, cases of corona have come to light again yesterday, due to which the Chinese government has ordered the entire population of Wuhan, which has a population of 11 million, to undergo corona test.

The order was issued by the Wuhan Anti-Virus Department in a document asking authorities to present a test plan in all areas of the city, stating that all people would be able to do so in 10 days. Corona will be ready for the test.

The Wuhan Anti-Virus Department said that for the Code 19 test, backward and small areas should be given priority first.

The world’s first case of corona virus is believed to have been reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan, after which China sealed off the entire city, but some reports claim lot of people died before the city was sealed.

China had almost wiped out Wuhan and other cities from Corona after more than three months of severe lockdowns, and no new cases of the Corona virus had been reported in Wuhan since April 3, and a nationwide lockdown on April 8.

However, a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation yesterday revealed that the virus was re-emerging in Wuhan and there were five new cases.

According to the report, all the recent cases in Wuhan were local and none of them came from outside.

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