The “D” day | Trump travels to the ‘wall’ of Portsmouth on the 75th anniversary

Parapetado after a swarm of metal fences, compared by the neighbors of Portsmouth with the wall of Mexico, President Donald Trump joined the commemorative events of the 75th anniversary of the “D” day in the port city from which thousands of Allied soldiers departed “In what was possibly the greatest battle in history.”

Trump was preceded again by a carousel of protests, despite the efforts of the mayor of Porstmouth, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, to divert attention to “the veterans and their families, the real protagonists of the story.”

In the midst of a large police deployment, thousands of Britons converged on the port esplanade and witnessed the ceremony on giant screens, on the other side of the walled enclosure where world leaders witnessed a historical re-enactment of Operation Supreme Judge. The North American president read a speech of Roosevelt speaking of “ the fight to defend our civilization “ and predicting the success of the allied attack launched from the British coasts: “Our children will triumph”.

Among the public, the Mexican Hada Moreno, who the previous day participated in the anti-Trump march in London , joined the respectful silence. “Today is the day of unity and not of protests,” said Hada, with a red poppy in memory of the fallen and a banner supporting Angela Merkel , also present at the ceremony. “I have a lot to criticize Trump, especially his cruelty with immigrant children and the economic yoke that he wants to impose on my country, but today I come to wave the flag of freedom, democracy and respect .”


French President Emmanuel Macron read a letter from a resistance soldier: “Dear parents, I am going to die for my country, I want a free France and I want the French to be happy, I do not want an arrogant France leading the world , but a country of industrious, industrious and honest people “.

The “premier” Theresa May took the floor to read another letter, that of Captain Skinner to his wife before dying: “Anyone with a little imagination should be worried about what might happen … I would give everything to be with you, but I can not quit my job, all my love for my children. “

Queen Elizabeth II , who presided over the events in which 15 heads of state participated, concluded the ceremony by recalling some words from her father, King George VI, in the antechamber of D-Day: “It will take more than courage and resistance, it will take a rebirth of the spirit. “ In a previous message, he extolled “the immense courage, ingenuity and determination” of the soldiers who participated in the Normandy landings.


“In this moment of reflection for the veterans of the conflict and their families, I am sure that these commemorations will be an opportunity to pay tribute to all those who made an extraordinary sacrifice to defend the freedom of Europe, “ said the Queen, looking back since 93 years “They should never be forgotten.”

Three hundred veterans of the Second World War, among them the telegrapher and nonagenarian Ernie Nelson (“our mission in the rear was to cover with fire the landing”), departed in the flotilla of the Ms Boudicca, towards the coasts of Normandy to join the celebrations of June 6.

The Red Arrows doubled the blue and red trail over the heads of the 15 heads of state participating in the act in Portsmouth and will sign the so-called “D” Day Proclamation, with the commitment to “resolve international conflicts peacefully “

Portsmouth will also mark the official farewell of Theresa May , before her resignation as conservative leader scheduled for Friday . May will take the opportunity to make an appeal “to the unity of the West in the face of new and changing security threats”.

Donald Trump paid tribute in advance to the more than 150,000 soldiers who participated in Operation Supreme Chief, as the Normandy landings were known in code, planned in large part from the strategic base of Portsmouth, in southern England.

The presence of the US president has caused a deep division in the port city, divided between those who witnessed the events on giant screens, on the other side of the metal wall, and those who decided to join the boycott organized by the campaign Together Against Trump.

The Fraton community center served as headquarters for the anti-Trump “resistance” , to which neighbors like Waldemar Maxim, 60, added: “Trump is not welcome to a place like this, leaders like him are creating the environment propitious for the fascists, and the D-day is precisely the day against fascism .”

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