The Defeated Trump Is Still Optimistic

3 min readNov 11, 2020


Democratic candidate Joe Biden has an unbeaten lead over US President Donald Trump, according to the results of the US presidential election so far, but Trump still hopes to win the election.

US President Donald Trump said in a statement on social media…

We are moving very fast, the election results will start coming out next week

We will win the election and make America great again

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also said that the transfer of power will be smooth, but only for the second Trump administration.

On the other hand, newly elected US President Joe Biden rejected Trump’s statement denying a smooth transfer of power and said that Trump is not ready to accept the fact that we have won, Trump’s refusal is an admission of his shame. ۔

Democratic candidate Joe Biden told Trump that the president was ready to talk to him.

America is back, America is not alone, we are going back in the game, no power can stop the transfer of power

According to unofficial results of the US presidential election so far, Biden received 290 electoral votes, while Donald Trump received 214 votes.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has been elected the new president of the United States after defeating US President Donald Trump and he will be sworn in on January 20 according to the law.

Biden intends to lift ban on Muslims from day one in office

Biden’s campaign managers say four of Donald Trump’s executive orders, which he intends to rescind after the US president-elect takes office, include a ban on some Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

Fox News has been informed that the executive measures, including participation again in Paris climate agreement deferred action for cayldhd arayyulz Program and the World Health Organization to health Steps will also be taken to join.

On Saturday, Fox News and many other American media outlets presented Biden as the winner of the 2020 US presidential election.

However, Trump’s campaign to overturn the election results continues on Tuesday, and in many states the ballot and vote counts have been challenged by legal action.

On Monday, news site RealClearPolitics (RPC), which collects political data, ousted Biden as president-elect when the issue of Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes surfaced.

Meanwhile, a senior US Justice Department official resigned yesterday after allowing Attorney General William Barr’s federal prosecutor to investigate alleged election irregularities.

Officer Richard Piller, who will oversee the investigation, said he was resigning in response to the attorney general’s order, adding that he would look at electoral irregularities as individual states rather than the federal government.

It should be noted that Biden had promised during his election campaign that he would end many of the policies issued by President Donald Trump.

Speaking to the Muslim Voters Club in July, Biden called the ban on Muslims unfair and promised to lift it on his first day in office.

Fox News notes that Biden’s decision to rejoin the World Health Organization “reflects a broader effort to prevent the spread of the corona virus after taking office.”

Democrats condemned Donald Trump’s decision to leave the international organization during the epidemic.

Also on Monday, Biden formed a corona virus advisory board of scientists and doctors.

Since Biden was elected president, his team has been in contact with the Trump administration about the transfer of power, which should be completed before the new president takes office on January 20.

However, President Trump’s administration is rejecting Joe Biden’s position as president-elect, leading to speculation that the transfer of power will not be completed before he is formally sworn in.

Withdrawal of Joe Biden’s victory decision by the RCP could also delay the transition process. Is required.

RealClearPolitics claims to be a Chicago-based nonprofit non-partisan political news media company, but it often sympathizes with Republicans.

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