The Fires In 7 Countries Of The World

The year 2020 has become a test for the world after the global epidemic of corona virus, but the fires in 7 countries of the world in the beginning of this month in August have added to the difficulties and superstitions related to this year.

The most devastating explosion in Beirut.

Between August 3 and 6, fires broke out in seven countries, while bombings in China and Beirut caused financial losses as well as casualties.

The countries where the incidents took place include China, Lebanon, France, North Korea, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, all of which are described as follows:


On August 3, an explosion at a chemical factory near the Chinese city of Wuhan killed six people.

In this regard, the footage released by the Chinese state media showed dark clouds of smoke rising from the chemical plant located in Hubei province of China.

A statement from the Chinese government said the accident took place at 5:30 pm local time at the Lanhua Silicone Company in Zhelihu, Jianthua, injuring four people.

Fourteen fire engines and 100 rescue workers, including firefighters, paramedics and environmental officials, took part in the firefighting effort.

Chinese authorities later ordered the company to suspend production immediately, and prudent officials launched an investigation into the cause of the blast.

An explosion in the port area of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on August 4 shook buildings and sent black and gray smoke.

A blast near the northern city of Beirut has killed at least 157 people and injured more than 5,000 others , damaging an estimated 5 billion dollars .

The blast in Beirut destroyed dozens of buildings, severely damaged dozens of vehicles and other installations.

The C-Net report on the horrific blast quoted Prime Minister Hassan Diab as saying that the depot had more than 2,700 tonnes of neoammonium nitrate in stock and had been in the port for about six years. ۔


Later, on August 5, a large forest fire broke out in the southern French city of Marseille, after which about 27,000 people were evacuated.

Al-Jazeera reported the fire service in the country that had the martyguys was cleared 8 camp sites, some tourists were moved to safety through the boats were established for elderly care home tantamount to empty had gone.

Also on the same day, a fire broke out near an industrial park in the same area, covering an area of 120 hectares (296 acres), destroying a house and several businesses.

According to the fire service, the fire destroyed 1,000 hectares (2,741 acres) of vegetation and 1,800 firefighters took part in putting out the blaze, which was contained after hours of efforts. There were no immediate reports of injuries or severe damage in France.

A video of the blaze also surfaced on August 5 in the North Korean city of Hayasan, near the Chinese border, but there were no reports from Chinese or North Korean officials that North Korea’s fire on August 3.

In this regard, the Associated Press reported that the South Korean media and external monitoring groups said that the number of residential gas explosion killed or injured in the report.

However, the AP could not independently confirm this, but the video received by the AP showed loud explosions, flames and black clouds of smoke from Hayson. In addition, according to the AP, in the video, some people were seen watching the scene of the fire from the Chinese border. ‘

On the other hand, there were reports of a fire in the Iraqi city of Najaf on August 6.

According to USA Today, Shafqana reported that according to an Iraqi News Agency (INA) correspondent, a fire broke out in Al-Quds food and electrical stores in Najaf.

According to the report, the Iraqi News Agency did not provide a statement confirming the incident, nor was it confirmed by the agency’s website or any major Arab news outlet.

On the other hand, on the night of August 5, a large fire broke out in a vegetable and fruit market in the capital of the UAE state of Ajman, but no injuries or deaths were reported.

Gulf Times reported the Ajman Police Commander-in-Chief Major General Sheikh Sultan bin alnuamy was found that 3 hours after the fire and no casualties were reported.

The vegetable and fruit market that caught fire has been closed for the past four months due to precautionary measures against the corona virus.

Ajman Police Commander-in-Chief said that 25 vehicles of Civil Defense Units, Police and Ambulance responded in time and reached the spot within 3 minutes.

He said police and defense units evacuated the adjoining buildings and contained the fire, after which a cooling operation was launched in the building.

An investigation into the fire in Ajman is underway, while according to civil defense officials, 125 shops have been completely destroyed and the owners have lost millions.

On the night of August 6, a fire broke out in temporary cabins near the Haramain train station in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Arab News reported that the fire had been extinguished in the area of Al-Sulaymaniyah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Civil Defense said.

A spokesman for the Civil Defense said a fire had been contained in a temporary contractor’s office (portable cabins) covering 1,200 square yards in the Sulaymaniyah area of Jeddah.

The General Directorate of Saudi Civil Defense said in a tweet on the social networking site Twitter that there were no employees in the cabins, which resulted in no one being injured or killed.

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