The Story Behind the “Arab Spring” | Part One

O n December 18, 2010, Mohammed Abu Azizi, a highly educated young man in Tunisia, went on a hunger strike after failing to get a government job due to a lack of reasonable recommendation despite being on merit. Police not only stopped the young man from using the wheelbarrow without paying extortion, but also tortured him. The young man was so heartbroken by the situation that he poured petrol on himself on the road and set himself on fire.

As soon as the news spread, angry people took to the streets.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. In response, the people became more enraged, so the spark became a flame.

Tunisia, a beautiful country on the Mediterranean coast between Algeria and Libya, caught fire from one end to the other.

Short story Ali Zainul Abidin’s dictatorial government could not stand in front of the power of the people.

President Ali fled and took refuge in Saudi Arabia. The protests, which began in Tunisia, gradually engulfed almost the entire Middle East.

The protests were purely the result of a public outcry against the decades-old monarchy. But behind it were many factors and forces that began to use public power to advance a very strong and well-thought-out plan to achieve their goals.

The most important country in the plan was Syria, which is geographically located in such a place that it seems as if whoever managed to dominate the country or bring in his puppet government, as if he had conquered the whole of the Middle East. But held his strong grip.

The protests, which began in Tunisia, spread to other parts of the Arabian Peninsula and were dubbed the “Arab Spring”, a revolutionary wave that began in the Arab world and spread to many Arab countries.

There were protests Civil war breaks out in Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Syria, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi assassinated by the people.

Protests against the rulers began in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Libya, and one after another succeeded; and as independence from hereditary monarchies and military dictatorships began to emerge, it was hailed internationally as a victory for democracy.

Hundreds of Syrians staged anti-government protests in major cities on March 15, 2011, calling it a “Day of Rage.” At the forefront of their demands was to bring about democratic reforms in the country.

The world powers did not take seriously the worst use of force by Bashar al-Assad in the deliberate protests in Syria. Bashar al-Assad had enough time to implement the strategy of crushing the resistance movement, and from the beginning he made every effort to end the revolution by military force.

Being a geographically the best country, the world powers tried their best to dominate here, with Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Israel topping the list.

And so the oil-rich country’s war to seize Syria’s resources has killed more than half a million civilians, including 200,000 children aged 18 or under.

Protests in Syria have called for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who came to power in 2000 following the death of his father, Hafez al-Assad.

The government used lethal force to crush it, which led to nationwide protests, which the government used its worst form to suppress.

This was the time that the outside forces were eagerly awaiting, and then the supporters of the opposition were given full support as well as all kinds of weapons and were prepared to defend themselves and later to fight the security forces.

This is the short story of the Arab Spring, which, put into practice under a well-prepared and well-planned plan, the world powers, with the exception of the occupying Palestinian state of Israel, plunged the entire Middle East into civil war and seized its vast resources.

It is important to note that none of the countries in the Middle East that have revolted against the governments have uttered a word against the West or the United States.

Otherwise, it is common sense that whenever Muslims are persecuted, they are first acquitted by blaming Jews and Christians, first of all, on the payroll of governments. They do not shy away from using the less educated people in the name of religion to protect their own interests.

But in all these circumstances, no anti-American protests were seen or heard from any place. It is truly astonishing how this sudden wave of revolution started when the monarchy and dictatorship in these countries had been going on for years, if not decades.

Some experts are of the opinion that what happened at this juncture in their path or stage was not only a deliberate move but also a natural consequence of a long period of oppression and tyranny.

But here my opinion is different and the reason is the change that took place after a long protest in Tahrir Square in Egypt and then the Egyptian nation that remained silent after the overthrow of the democratic government of military general Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Who started a revolution in Egypt after a long protest and then remained silent about the seizure of power by a military dictator as a result of this revolution. This raises many questions.

The statements of the US governments regarding the revolutions in the Middle East seemed to indicate that the US was not at all aware of the extraordinary changes taking place in the Arab countries, while the general impression of the Arabs was that of the Arab countries.

The United States knows more than the Arab authorities themselves, and its embassies know every little thing about these countries. But the American reaction to the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt showed that the United States did not even notice the sound of the Arab revolutions, nor did its masterminds devise a strategy to deal with such situations.

This does not make sense, while Israel sits in the heart of Arabia and US policies are formulated in Tel Aviv instead of Washington.

In the Arab uprising, the United States first sought the help of its allies in Tunisia and Egypt and with Gaddafi in Libya to protect its interests, then as the protests escalated, so did Washington’s tone against these ancient allies. However, the situation was settled in due course.

The United States, like any other country, has the right to pursue its own interests, but in the current context, this hesitation was a testament to the moral decay of the former US President Obama’s administration I spoke of strengthening the values of democracy and freedom and helping to bring about peaceful change.

But when the time really came to test, the same administration sided with the dictatorial regimes that it had bolstered by claiming to protect stability and prevent Islamists from taking over the government.

It is important to understand why and how much the United States is interested in the Middle East.

As I have said before, the influence of powerful Jews in the United States on American policies is extraordinary, as expressed by key American national security officials.

In March 2010, the then head of US Central Command, General David Petraeus, briefed the Senate Armed Services Committee, saying that one of the major “security challenges” facing the United States was Israel, which posed a threat to US security.

A similar acknowledgment was made by former US President Jimmy Carter that the Israeli “pressure group” that put pressure on Washington has become one of the most influential parties in the United States, influencing US national security policies.

There are about 6 million Jews in the United States.

Jews in the United States are active under different names. Jews have established their roots in all American institutions under names such as the Lobby, the Pressure Group, the Interest Group, and the Third House. The impact of this strong influence is evident in US domestic and foreign policies, which are based on the phrase “Israel first.”

Most Jews in the United States are very rich. The wealthy Jewish people have also played a key role in bringing American decisions in Israel’s favor.

Billions of dollars worth of these Jews have used their money to buy members of Congress and the US House of Representatives forever, putting significant pressure on US decisions that are in Israel’s favor.

You may be surprised to learn that although Jews make up only 2% of the American population, the proportion of Jews in the US Congress is 7%, while 36 out of 535 legislators in the US House of Representatives and Senate are Jews. 9% of the Senate body. Democrats in the US Senate are Jewish. These figures make it easy to gauge the role of Jews in American politics.

We are all well aware of the role of media. The media is one of the most deadly and dangerous weapons of our time. It manipulates the minds of the people in this way and shows only the side of the picture that is in its interest. And the Jews are fully aware of that.

So all the big and small media owners in America and Europe are Jewish. Broadcasters such as ABC News, CNN, Fox News, BBC, CBC News and NBC are Jewish-owned.

Newspapers, magazines and journals are owned by the Jewish family Arthur Salisburg, and the Washington Post is owned by Catherine Graham Meyer. The Wall Street Journal is the largest-selling newspaper in the United States, owned by a Jewish family called Peter Kane.

In addition to American and British news channels, the owners of news channels in French, German and many other European countries are also Jewish.

The world’s two most important news agencies, Reuters and Agency France-Press (AFP), are also Jewish. Reuters founder Julius Paul was a German Jew, AFP’s old name was “House” which was named after its Jewish founder.

In addition to newspapers, TV channels, and news agencies, Jews in the United States also own large publishing houses. For example, the owners of large and well-known publishing houses such as Time Warner Media Group, Simon & Schuster and Random House are Jewish.

Therefore, the decisions that are made in American institutions and what is published in the media and other media in the United States are completely in favor of Israel.

The United States and the Americans cannot oppose Israel and the Zionists in any way because they are being run by Israel and the Zionists.

This is information that will help you better understand the Middle East civil war and the US interest in it, that the US is not as interested in the Middle East as it should be. And behind it are all the motives that are in the hands of the Jews.

It is worth noting here that if one pays the slightest attention, it will not be long before one realizes that the whole of the Middle East is burning in an unseen fire.

The civil war in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and the Middle East has so far killed more than 1.6 million people, of whom more than 550,000 belonged to Syria alone.

But the Mediterranean state of Israel is an example of peace. How is this possible? Behind all these conspiracies is Israel, which is using the United States to achieve its nefarious goals.

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