The Surgeon Who Tried To Save Lady Diana Life

MoSef Dahman , the surgeon who treated Lady Di on the fateful night of August 31, 1997 when she lost her life, has just broken his silence at the ‘Daily Mail’ to, among other things, banish conspiracy theories and claim that the doctors at the Paris hospital did everything possible to prevent the tragic outcome of the Princess of Wales.

I did not take a vacation that summer for the simple reason that my wife was pregnant with my son (they already had a daughter). As a result, I worked all summer

he says of his service presence.

Although the accident of the Princess of Wales in the Alma tunnel would occur around 00:23 hours, she would not arrive at the Parisian hospital until 2:06 when the first doctors who attended her tried to stabilize her on the scene. On the way he would suffer cardiac arrest.

I was resting in the service room when I received a call from Bruno Riou , the main anesthesiologist on duty, telling me to go to the emergency room. They did not tell me it was Lady Diana, but that there had been a serious accident involving a Young woman. The organization of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital was very hierarchical. So, when you received a call from a high-level colleague, that meant that the case was particularly serious

My intern was in the room. But she was in a corner because she was a little overwhelmed by the gravity of the moment

Dahman, 56 now and 33 then, would finally be told who was on the stretcher.

For any doctor, any surgeon, it is of great importance to face such a young woman who is in this condition. But, of course, even more so if she is a princess

Two frantic hours of extreme interventions to try to save Lady Diana suffered a “very serious internal bleeding” and despite the drainage with which the excess fluid was extracted from the thoracic cavity, the problem persisted, being the victim of another cardiac arrest around 2:15 that required an intervention extreme that Bruno Riou entrusted to Dahman.

“The days when global decisions were made by a small group of countries are long gone”

It was truly exceptional. I did this procedure to allow him to breathe. His heart could not function properly because he was lacking blood

But not even for those, the pericardium that protected Diana’s heart was torn. So at 230, Alain Pavie , the best heart surgeon in France, just out of bed, made an appearance. The expert would then discover a tear in Diana’s left superior pulmonary vein that, despite being sutured, would not work either.

We tried electric shocks, several times and, as he had done in the emergency room, cardiac massage. Professor Riou had given him adrenaline. But we couldn’t get his heart to beat again

We fought hard, we tried a lot, really a lot. Frankly, when you’re working under those conditions, you don’t notice the passage of time. The only important thing is that we do everything possible for this young woman. very bad condition, more serious than Diana when she arrived. It is one of the best centers in France for this type of traumatic emergency. And we saved some of those people, which made us especially happy and proud. But that did not happen here. No we were able to save her. And that affected us a lot

So at 4 in the morning, the team led by Pavi made a “collegiate decision”, to consider it impossible to save Diana’s life.

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I was exhausted, it is always a great disappointment to see someone young leave us. You also suffer a great physical exhaustion from the energy you have expended trying to save her. And so we were particularly devastated and tired. In the end, we were blown away

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