The US Maintains Its “Hostile Policy”

3 min readSep 30, 2021


The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has denied that he will accept Washington’s offer of dialogue, considering that he has not modified his “hostile policy” against Pyongyang, although at the same time he has promised to restore communication with Seoul in October to repair ties.

“As the actions of the past eight months after the establishment of the new US administration clearly demonstrate, their hostile political and military threat against us has not changed at all,” Kim told a parliamentary session held in Pyongyang on Wednesday and released today. by state agency KCNA.

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According to Kim, the “dialogue without preconditions” offered by Washington is “a facade to deceive the international community and disguise its hostilities, and is only an extension of the hostile policy carried out by previous US administrations.”

Following the coming to power of President Joe Biden in January, the US has insisted on resuming talks “where and when” to try to reactivate the dialogue on denuclearization, stalled since the failed Hanoi summit in 2019.

Kim’s speech comes two days after the regime tested a new hypersonic missile.

This was the third weapons test in the last two weeks, a period in which the peninsula has seen the current arms escalation staged, as Seoul responded to some of these tests by launching its own ballistic missile from a submarine and announcing the development of new ones weapons.

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However, Kim decided to appeal to South Korea, with whom his country is also technically at war, during his speech, and announced that telematic communications with Seoul, broken since August, will be restored in early October to improve relations.

In turn, as his sister Kim Yo-jong did in a series of statements published a few days ago, he in turn urged Seoul to change its “usual confrontational attitude” towards the North Korean regime if it wants to mend ties.

In that sense, he said that Seoul and Washington “are carrying out fearsome military activities that go beyond what is permissible, destroying stability and balance around the Korean peninsula.”

Kim assured that, for this reason, before signing a peace treaty, as recently proposed by southern President Moon Jae-in to the UN, “mutual respect must be guaranteed, and prejudice towards the another, as well as unfair double standards and hostile views and policies.”

Following rounds of diplomatic contacts in 2018, relations between the two Koreas have been cooling off since the Hanoi summit and are currently at a standstill.


Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has been elected as a new member of the powerful State Affairs Commission in a parliamentary session, state media reported today.

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During the session of the Supreme People’s Assembly (Parliament) held on Wednesday in Pyongyang, Kim, along with six other officials, was elected as new members of this body that decides state policies, including those related to defense.

Along with Kim, two members of the powerful and exclusive presidium of the one-party politburo were also elected, Jo Jong-won and the military Pak Jong-chon, who was demoted in the summer due to an incident related to the management of the pandemic and was later reinstated. and become a member of the hard core of the unique formation.

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Kim Tok-hun, another member of the current presidium (composed of four members and leader Kim Jong-un), was elected as vice chairman of the State Affairs Commission, thus replacing Pak Pong-ju, former prime minister and former member of the presidium.

The voice of Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, who is also the deputy director of the propaganda department in the influential one-party Central Committee since 2014, has gained a lot of weight in the regime, especially since it began initiating communiqués last year.

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