Thousands of Britons take to the streets of London to protest against Trump’s visit to the cry of “Resist!”

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Tens of thousands of Britons have taken to the streets of London under the slogan “Resist Trump!”. Jeremy Corbyn, absent during the anti-Brexit demonstrations, this time joined the protests along with the staff of the Labor Party and publicly condemned the “misogyny and xenophobia” of the American president. The protesters came to be 50 meters from Downing Street, where the American president and the ‘premier’ Theresa May met.

The concentration left mid-morning of Trafalgar Square, with the popular “Baby Trump” flying over the heads of the protesters and this time accompanied by the giant robot “Dumping Trump”, made in China, which became the great attraction.

Sitting on the toilet bowl and typing simultaneously on twitter, the “automaton” of Trump (financed by the North American Don Lessem, expert in dinosaurs) protested every two to three to the protesters to the cries of “You are Fake News!” “Witch hunt!” or “I’m a very stable genius.”

“We have been victims of Trump’s insults and manipulations as soon as we touch the ground,” warned Leslie Warran, a 22-year-old Philosophy student, at the foot of the spectacular six-meter robot. “His tweets against the mayor of London are an attack on all of us: all of us who do not kiss his ass are losers before his eyes.”

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, also gave his support to the anti-Trump demonstration after the exchange of insults upon his arrival. “My attacks against him are not personal, but because of everything he represents,” Khan apologized. “This country can not tend the red carpet to intolerance, discrimination and racism.”

Sean McIntosh, a 35-year-old Scot, a Green Party voter, engaged in his own dialectical war on the march with a group of labor unionists. “It seems very good that Jeremy Corbyn faces Trump,” McIntosh said, “but if Trump and Putin are in favor of Brexit, we can not be in favor of Brexit, and Corbyn still does not get wet. the European ones “.

Tim Brassey, 59, a Change UK voter in Europe, walked around with a silhouetted photo of Trump kissing Farage in the mouth and declaring: “I love you more than chlorinated chicken.” “Trump is the Brexit, nationalism, isolationism, intolerance,” Brassey said. “Those who sell us that of” Recover control “want in the background to give control to the Americans, to swallow their agricultural products, to privatize our public health … We would stop being Europeans to become vassals of Donald Trump”.

Brassey has not lost hope, even if the “opportunist” Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. “Parliament would block the” no deal “, there would be a motion of confidence and we would end up in general elections, in a completely new political map, with the Brexit Party on one side and the anti-Brexit forces on the other. the Labor Party would be relegated to mere observers, they have not realized that the Brexit is the new dividing line of British society. “

Welshwoman Angela Steatham, 56, a lifelong Labor activist, expressed confidence that Corbyn would finally open his eyes: “Trump’s visit is a conspiracy to push hard Brexit, and I do not know what has to happen to make this The Brexit is to support Trump, and vice versa, to that end we have arrived, we just need our leaders to wake up and react. “

“Trump is a bully, a racist and a misogynist who is reversing women’s rights and giving a pulpit to the climate deniers,” declared the candidate for Liberal-Democrat leader Jo Swinson. “The protests in London serve to show him that we do not share his principles and values”

“Parad a Trump, Parad el Brexit” was in fact one of the most visible signs in the demonstration, flown by the group Best for Britain, which rescued for the occasion a tweet sent by @ realDonaldTrump three weeks after the EU referendum: “Soon you will call me Mr. Brexit.”

Donald Trump is scheduled to dine Tuesday with the other two top contenders for the title of Mr. Brexit: Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. Before, Trump will have the honor of saying goodbye to Theresa May, her last press conference, before her resignation scheduled for Friday.

Scotland Yard has deployed 10,000 agents to ensure the safety of the American president, who has moved through London preferably by helicopter.

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