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How much damage could a boycott of French products do to the French economy?

A boycott of French products by Muslim countries could directly cost the French economy up to ً 46 billion. French President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Islamic rhetoric and his refusal to stop blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad have sparked a campaign to boycott French products in several countries. The boycott of French goods was first announced by the Turkish president, after which French products have been removed from stores in many countries, including Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar. France’s total trade with Muslim-majority countries is over 100 100 billion, of which France’s exports are .8 45.8 billion.

Recently, data was compiled by the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency (AA) stating how much damage could be done to the French economy if all Muslim countries boycotted French products. According to the data, France’s trade volume with Muslim-majority countries is more than 100 100 billion annually, with Muslim countries buying 45.8 billion worth of products from France and France importing 58 billion worth of products from Muslim countries. Therefore, if French products are boycotted in all Muslim countries, it will have a direct impact on the French economy of about ً 46 billion. According to the French news agency, the Foreign Ministry has appealed to Arab countries to take immediate steps to end the boycott of French products. The French Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “these boycott demands are baseless and the attacks of a radical minority against our country must be stopped immediately.”

Crackdown on Muslims in France

France launched a nationwide crackdown on Muslims following the publication of blasphemous sketches. According to the BBC report, the French police searched 120 houses in the name of search operation while the government has also decided to ban various Islamic organizations and materials. The local Paris administration also sealed off a mosque in the northern French district of Vernon. Protests are taking place in several countries against the French president’s anti-Islamic statement, while a boycott of French products has been launched around the world, including in the Gulf countries.Protests against the French president continue in several countries, including Malaysia, Chechnya, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, against the blasphemous sketches in France. Demonstrations against France also took place in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in which protesters demanded a complete boycott of French products and marched to the French embassy.

Iran begins construction of underground nuclear facilities

UN nuclear watchdog watchdog has confirmed that Iran has begun construction of an underground centrifuge assembly plant. Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), told the Associated Press in an interview that Iran also continues to stockpile large amounts of low-enriched uranium but has no plans to develop weapons. There is not much to do. A nuclear plant at Iran’s Natanz nuclear site exploded in July this year, prompting U.S. experts to say it exploded at a new centrifuge plant. Analysts say the Natanz blasts have so far shown no signs of construction in Iran’s central province of Isfahan. Iran’s mission to the United Nations did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Armenian PM’s wife prepares for war

In the ongoing war with Azerbaijan, the wife of the Armenian Prime Minister began preparing for the battlefield. Fierce fighting is going on between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh region and the Azerbaijani army has liberated many areas. The Azeri army currently has the upper hand over Armenia, and two ceasefire attempts between the two countries have failed. Given the current state of the ongoing war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Anna Hakubian, the wife of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, has also begun military training. Hakobyan preparing Armenian women for attack on Azerbaijani civilians” -Italian Media. The wife of the Armenian Prime Minister has posted a picture on Facebook in which she is dressed in a military uniform and receiving military training. The wife of the Armenian Prime Minister says that 13 women with me have started military training and exercises and we will soon go to the border to protect the country’s borders. The Armenian prime minister’s wife is a journalist by profession and had previously visited army camps to boost the morale of soldiers at the start of the war. His 20-year-old son also joined the Armenian army as a volunteer during the war. It should be noted that Nagorno-Karabakh is an internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan, but it has been occupied by the Armenian tribal group through the army, while Pakistan is the only country that does not recognize Armenia due to this occupation.

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