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War is not against Islam, it is against terrorism

French President Emmanuel Macquarie has said he understands the feelings of Muslims, but that

hardline Islam is a threat to all

President McKeown made the remarks in an interview with Qatar’s Al Jazeera news channel. In the conversation, they discussed the controversial sketches of the Prophet of Islam, the deaths caused by the knife attack in Nice, and the strong reaction from Muslim countries to his statements. A teacher has been assassinated in France this month for showing controversial sketches of the Prophet of Islam. This was followed by large-scale demonstrations in France. The sketches were published in the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo. President McKeown has defended the controversial propaganda of the Prophet of Islam on the basis of freedom of expression. He said he would take strong action against Muslim extremist organizations. President McKeown said:

‘I understand the feelings of those Muslims who are shocked to see the sketches of the Prophet of Islam.

But the hardline Islam they are trying to fight is a threat to all people, especially Muslims.

I understand and respect their feelings,

But you also have to understand my character. I have two things to do in this role: promote peace and protect rights. He said that France has an estimated population of 6 million Muslims and there is a danger of a ‘counter society’ being created by a minority of them. Counter society or counter culture means the formation of a society that is different from the real culture of the society in this country. President McKeown has also accused Muslim countries of misrepresenting their statements. He said:

I think the reaction was to distort my words and misrepresent them. It made people realize that I support these designs.

Those sketches were not part of the government’s plan but were published in independent newspapers that are not affiliated with the government.

Today, some extremist movements and individuals are using violence in the name of Islam. This is a problem for Islam because Muslims are the first to suffer.

More than 80 percent of the victims of terrorism are Muslims and this is a problem for everyone.

It is to be noted that this tension between the Muslim countries and France started when the old debate over the controversial sketches in this European country once again gained momentum. Many world leaders have commented on the debate, which revolves around “freedom of expression” and “respect for other religions.”

Fear of losing, President Trump fears election fraud

US President Donald Trump has expressed fears of rigging the election for fear of losing. Addressing rally participants in Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump sarcastically called for an extension of the date for the results so that more people could vote. He said that it was disappointing to extend the date of results, when there was time why people did not cast their vote, rigging would take place from November 3 during the period that the Supreme Court will give.

I wish the Supreme Court would treat me well,

I want Republicans to make sure they vote on November 3, grab each other and go to the polling booth and get their subordinates to vote.

Addressing rally participants, Donald Trump likened Democrats to “swamp bugs” and said that if Biden came, the corona vaccine would be further delayed and locked down again.

I’m lucky to be your president, he said.

Joe Biden called Trump the Russian president’s dog

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has called his Republican rival Donald Trump the Russian president’s dog. Speaking at an election rally in Michigan, Joe Biden said Trump cannot stop the people from voting in large numbers, the people will take back democracy, Trump will have to go home with a sack. Democratic candidate Joe Biden said Corona would leave as soon as Trump returned home. He said that US President Trump also makes fun of the United Nations and NATO. Criticizing President Trump, Biden said that Donald Trump should have challenged the Russian president , but Trump remains Putin’s dog.

Two killed, five injured in Sword attack on Halloween in Canada

A man dressed in a medieval costume during a Halloween holiday in Canada attacked with a sword, killing two civilians and injuring five others. At least two people were killed and five others were injured when a sword-wielding man attacked passersby in Canada’s ancient Parliament Hill area, according to the World Broadcasting Corporation. Police, acting on a tip-off, arrested the swordsman, who is said to be between 20 and 30 years of age, but did not reveal the identity of the accused. The dead and injured have been shifted to a nearby hospital where medical aid was provided to the injured and their condition is now out of danger while the bodies of the deceased have been handed over to the next of kin. The accused was also given medical treatment at the hospital. Police say the victims are not being identified out of respect for their families, and it is unclear whether the gathering was attacked or targeted specific people.

The death toll from the quake in Turkey has risen to 39, with 20 buildings completely destroyed in Izmir

The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey has risen to 39, 20 buildings were completely destroyed in Izmir, President Tayyip Erdogan reviewed the rescue operations in the most affected city Izmir.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan reviewed the relief efforts in Izmir and expressed deep sorrow for the victims. More than 20 buildings in Izmir have been reduced to rubble by the quake. Rescue workers rescued a man from the wreckage 33 hours later, and a 16-year-old girl and a rabbit were rescued 17 hours later. According to officials, more than 100 people have been rescued so far, while 39 people have been confirmed dead and 850 injured in the quake.

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