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US President Trump and Republican candidate Joe Biden in the last presidential debate accused each other about national security, also accused of taking money from Russia and China. The last presidential debate took place in Nashville, Tennessee, with the Corona epidemic, national security, American families, racism, climate change and leadership skills discussed. Trump called India dirty, filthy and useless. During the debate, President Donald Trump said that the corona virus vaccine would arrive in a few days. We are learning to live with the virus, he added, adding that we are fighting the virus from China. “People are learning to die with Corona in the Trump era,” Biden said. Biden also accused Trump of taking money from Russia. President Trump responded by saying that he did not take any money from Russia. Biden said there was institutional racism in the United States, while President Trump said he did not think racism was an issue in the US police force.

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk has agreed to restore normal relations with Israel after receiving approval from the interim parliament. According to the foreign news agency Middle East Monitor, the statement by the Sudanese Prime Minister to restore normal relations with Israel is a clear indication that Hamdouk is considering establishing relations between Sudan and Israel. Since the overthrow of ousted President Omar al-Bashir’s government in April 2019, the military and civilians have been running the country’s affairs together. Earlier, US President Donald Trump announced that Sudan would be removed from the list of countries supporting terrorism. It should be noted that if the United States removes Sudan from the list of countries that support terrorists, then many economic doors could open for Sudan, including obtaining loans from international financial institutions. It may be recalled that Jared Kishner, son-in-law of the US President, has announced that Sudan will soon recognize Israel after the UAE.

Following the peace agreement between the UAE and Israel, UAE citizens will now be able to travel to Israel for 90 days without a visa. According to the UAE’s state-run news agency WAM, a statement from the Foreign Ministry said the decision to waive visas reflected the desire of citizens of both countries to strengthen bilateral co-operation, which would lead to new co-operation in the region. Opportunities will arise. Earlier last week, the first passenger plane from the UAE landed at Ben Gurion Airport in the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv. The plane was carrying crew members of the UAE airline Etihad Airways, while the plane was carrying Israeli tourists from Tel Aviv to the UAE for sightseeing. An agreement was reached between the UAE and Israel on Tuesday to operate 28 flights a week. The two countries also signed a preliminary agreement to avoid double taxation, aimed at encouraging and promoting investment between the two countries.

Due to tensions with Turkey, Saudi supermarkets have completely boycotted Turkish products, including groceries. According to media reports, Turkish exporters of textiles and other products complained of unnecessary delays in orders from Saudi Arabia, warning that Riyadh’s efforts to curb Turkish imports could adversely affect the global supply chain. Turkish products have been removed from the shelves of most of Riyadh’s supermarkets, but some supermarket owners say they will continue to sell Turkish products until the current stock runs out.

The United Nations has announced that the warring parties in war-torn Libya have agreed to a permanent ceasefire and an agreement has been signed at a ceremony. According to the international news agency, a permanent ceasefire agreement has been reached in Geneva between the UN-backed government and the opposition armed forces fighting in Libya, which will ensure the implementation of ceasefire in every part of Libya. The UN mission in Libya has confirmed the agreement on a permanent ceasefire on the social networking site Facebook, saying that a UN-brokered ceasefire agreement has been signed, a historic achievement. Under the agreement, all foreign fighters in Libya will be repatriated within three months, while the prisoner exchange process between the two sides will be completed on a priority basis. As a result of talks with UN Ambassador Stephen Turko-William, five military commanders of Libya’s internationally recognized government and dissident leader General Khalifa Haftar arrived in Geneva, where an agreement was reached between the two sides. It should be noted that Muammar Gaddafi, who ruled Libya for 42 years without any participation, was brutally killed by the rebels in October 2011 after which a UN-backed government was formed, but there is no peace in Libya. It was possible and thousands of lives were lost in the war.

An Iraqi state-owned bank has announced a loan of 10 million dinars for those seeking a second marriage. Bank of Iraq Al-Rasheed has announced a package for government employees that they will be given a loan of 10 million Iraqi dinars, or about 1.5 million Pakistani rupees, for a second marriage. On the other hand, women’s rights groups have strongly protested against the bank’s offer, while Hanan al-Fatlawi, an adviser to the Iraqi prime minister, said in a tweet that it was a shame that women were not a commodity. However, bank officials say the offer is for both men and women.

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