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A private airliner with 62 passengers on board has gone missing in Indonesia. According to local media, the plane of the private airline lost contact after take off, the plane was going from Jakarta to the western province. The plane was carrying 62 people, including six crew members. The Boeing 737 of the local airline disappeared from the radar four minutes after takeoff and at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Indonesia’s transport minister has expressed fears that the plane may have crashed. The plane lost contact 4 minutes after takeoff. Before it went missing, the plane was flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet. The plane lost contact after 2 pm local time. Indonesian officials say they have found the black box of a Boeing 737 passenger plane that crashed into the sea near Jakarta on Saturday. Search teams are hopeful that they will soon be able to obtain vital information from devices that will help determine the cause of the crash.

Earlier Sunday morning, Indonesian officials said they had found the location where they believed the Boeing 737, which disappeared shortly after taking off from the capital Jakarta on Saturday, had crashed into the sea. The Sri Vijaya Air flight had 62 people on board and was en route from Jakarta to Pontiac, but disappeared from radar four minutes after takeoff. According to officials, more than 10 boats with naval divers have also been sent to the spot. Indonesian officials say the wreckage of a missing passenger plane and human organs have been found at sea.

According to a foreign news agency, the wreckage and human organs of the Indonesian passenger plane Boeing 737 that went missing yesterday have been found from the sea and have been recovered. “After a large-scale search operation this morning, we found two bags, one containing luggage of a passenger and the other containing human organs,” Jakarta police spokesman Yasri Younis told the news agency. Thousand Island fishermen say they heard an explosion in the sea at noon, it was raining hard and the weather was bad, so it was difficult to see around. We heard an explosion and saw a big wave in the sea, after which we saw the wreckage and fuel near our boat. It is to be noted that the Boeing 737 of Sri Vijaya Air, which took off from the Indonesian capital yesterday, lost contact with the control tower shortly after. The plane had 50 passengers and 12 crew members on board. The search operation was launched later. While two planes of the same model have crashed in recent years, in October 2018, an Indonesian Line Air flight was hijacked, killing 189 people.

A bomb blast in the Afghan capital has killed three people, including an Afghan security force spokesman. According to the Afghan Interior Ministry, three people were killed in a roadside bomb blast in the Kartina area of Kabul this morning. The three were members of the Public Protection Force, including spokesman Zia Wadan Were going. According to reports, a civilian was also injured in the blast and was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. The vehicle was completely destroyed in the blast, while no group has so far claimed responsibility for the blast.

Democrats are preparing to file a second impeachment motion against US President Donald Trump if he does not resign following the violence at the Capitol Hill building.

Democrats said the impeachment motion would be launched before Monday, a process that could take weeks, according to a report in the Dawn newspaper by AFP. And that process will not be completed until Biden takes office on January 20. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned that Democrats could take action before Donald Trump resigns or that Vice President Mike Pence could pass the 25th Amendment, which would remove the president from office. Referring to Donald Trump’s tweet, Pelosi said, “They are deviant and dangerous, they must go.” The impeachment motion comes after protests and violent protests by supporters of Donald Trump on Capitol Hill last week killed five people, including a police officer. Democrats have blamed Donald Trump for damaging the Capitol Hill building in an impeachment motion.

“In all of this, President Donald Trump posed a serious threat to the security of the United States and its institutions. Donald Trump, who had urged his supporters to rally against the November presidential election in Washington, was still deviating, even promising in a video statement released on Thursday that he Biden will hand over power to the administration. But at the same time, Donald Trump said “this is just the beginning of the war”, after which Twitter permanently shut down his account and incited Democrats to take action against him. Hundreds of Democrats and a Republican lawmaker, Senator Lisa Morkovsky from Alaska, urged Donald Trump to resign in the last week of his term to avoid impeachment, but he also failed to talk to his aides. Donald Trump said he had never expressed the idea that his supporters would attack the Capitol Hill building, but had supported peaceful protests, where Congress was pushing for Biden’s victory at Electrol College. ۔

On the other hand, Joe Biden, who was sworn in as US President on January 20, when asked about the impeachment motion against Donald Trump, said that “he should do what Congress has decided.”

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Four people were killed in the violence. During the attack on Donald Trump’s supporters, the lawmakers in the Capitol Hill building were forced to hide under desks to save their lives. The shooting killed a woman inside Capitol Hill, prompting the mayor to impose a curfew in Washington in the evening to reduce violence. Leaders and governments around the world have condemned the unpleasant scenes in the US capital, while Facebook has blocked US President Donald Trump on its social media apps indefinitely.

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