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A key commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has been reported killed in a drone strike.

The Gulf News Agency Al-Arabiya has claimed that according to Iraqi sources, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Muslim Shahidan, has been targeted by a drone on the border of Iraq and Syria.

Al-Arabiya says Iraqi sources have confirmed that the Iranian commander was targeted Sunday night in the al-Qaim border area with Syria.

The news agency quoted Iraqi intelligence sources as saying that other than the confirmation of the death of the Iranian commander, no other details of the incident have come to light.

Al-Arabiya says the drone struck the Iranian commander’s car in the Iraqi province of Anbar, according to unconfirmed reports. The attack killed Commander Muslim Shahidan as well as two pro-Iranian militia fighters. On the other hand, the Lebanese news channel Al-Ma’idin has denied the news from its sources.

It should be noted that in January this year, eight people, including Iranian General Qasim Soleimani, were killed in a rocket attack by the United States on the airport in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. The rocket attack also killed the deputy commander of the Iranian-backed militia, the Population Mobilization Force (PMF), Mehboob al-Mohandes. US President Trump confirmed in his tweet that the attack was carried out by the United States.

Israeli weapons used to kill nuclear scientist, Iranian TV claims

Iranian media have claimed that Israeli weapons were used in the assassination of a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist last week.

According to reports from foreign news agencies’ AP ‘and’ Reuters’, an unknown source told Iranian news channel ‘Press Television’ that ‘from the scene of the terrorist incident (where Mohsen Fakhrizada was killed), the weapons recovered have the logo and details of the Israeli military industry.

Prior to the Press TV report, Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen told Radio 103 who was responsible. They don’t know

Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, told state TV that Iran’s enemies had carried out “numerous failed operations” against Mohsen Fakhrizada in the past.

Without elaborating, Ali Shamkhani said that “this time the enemy used a completely new, professional and different method”.

It should be noted that the less popular Mohsen Fakhrizada was known as a key figure in Israel’s discovery of Iran’s nuclear weapons by armed men ambushed on a highway near Tehran. He was killed by indiscriminate firing on his car.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington have been high since 2018, when President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from a nuclear deal with six world powers in 2015, after which sanctions were re-imposed on Iran and Iran’s economy. Was badly damaged.

In retaliation, Iran violated the agreement and gradually launched its nuclear program. Biden said that if Iran complied with the agreement again, then the United States would rejoin the agreement.

It should be noted that Tehran has always denied possessing nuclear weapons.

It should be noted that a few days ago, 59-year-old Mohsen Fakhrizada, a leading Iranian scientist and head of the nuclear program, was assassinated in Damavand area of the capital. Mohsen Fakhrizada, a nuclear scientist known in Iran as the “father of the atomic bomb,” was seriously injured in an attack on a car. He was taken to hospital but died during treatment.

Saudi Arabia has allowed Israeli airlines to pass through its airspace

Saudi Arabia has agreed to allow Israeli airlines to cross its airspace to the United Arab Emirates.

According to foreign news agency Reuters, the decision by Riyadh came at a time when talks were underway between Saudi officials and senior White House adviser Jared Kishner.

According to Israeli I24 News, Jared Kishner and Middle East delegates Evie Berkowitz and Brian Hook raised the issue in talks in Saudi Arabia.

The Tel Aviv administration has asked Washington to agree to allow Saudi Arabia to use its airspace, prompting Jared Kishner to take action.

We have succeeded in reconciling the issue

The agreement was signed just hours before Israel planned its first commercial flight to the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday morning.

Israfir’s flight was in danger of being canceled without an overflight agreement.

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the progress, calling it a

tremendous breakthrough and a real benefit of peace

In a video message, he said that crossing Saudi airspace would shorten the journey from Israel to the United Arab Emirates.

He also thanked Jared Kishner and the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates for their “significant contribution” to Riyadh’s decision.

Jared Kishner, a senior White House adviser, said it should address the issue of people with Israeli carriers moving from Israel to the UAE and back and Bahrain.

It is thought that the US official and his team were to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Emir of Kuwait this weekend.

In mid-October, Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed on a bilateral visa-free travel agreement, after which the Emirati will be the first citizens in the Arab world who will not need a permit to enter Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the UAE delegation and described the visit as “golden for peace.”

On the other hand, the Palestinians condemned the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, while the Israeli Prime Minister said, “Today we are shaping history in a way that will last for generations.”

Israel and the UAE announced in August that they would normalize relations and end the UAE’s long-running boycott of Israel through banking and business agreements at the governmental level. ۔

Later, the neighboring country Bahrain also signed an agreement with the UAE on September 15 at the White House to normalize relations with Israel.

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