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5 min readOct 22, 2020


The United States has decided to give billions of dollars in arms to Taiwan to put pressure on China

The United States has approved a $1.8 billion arms deal with Taiwan. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the United States has approved the sale of a large shipment of arms to Taiwan to increase pressure on China. The Pentagon says it has a three-weapon system agreement with Taiwan that includes rocket launchers, sensors and artillery. In this regard, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has said that the weapons received from the United States will strengthen Taiwan’s response capabilities and strengthen it in a hidden war environment. According to British media, the deal includes 135 guided cruise missiles, mobile light rocket launchers and spy pods attached to fighter jets. Tensions between China and Taiwan have risen in recent years, and Beijing has not ruled out using force to retake Iceland. Remember, China claims that Taiwan is an integral part of it, but Taiwan considers itself a separate country.

The United States will withdraw its decision to sell arms to Taiwan or face a full response: China

China has reacted sharply to the US approval of arms sales to Taiwan. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the United States should withdraw its decision to sell arms to Taiwan, that Beijing would respond to Washington’s actions, and that arms sales to Taiwan were an interference in China’s internal affairs. Approves arms sales worth tens of millions of dollars.

Azerbaijan liberated the Armenian border with Iran

Azerbaijan has gained full control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region bordering Iran by liberating it from Armenia. Ali Alizadeh says the Azerbaijani flag has been hoisted after the Armenian army liberated the Agband area adjacent to Iran. The Azerbaijani ambassador said that the border between Iran and Azerbaijan has been completely secured after taking control of Agband. Ali Alizadeh added that the Azerbaijani army had liberated 20 more villages from the Armenian occupation, including the border area of Agband. In his statement, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev also expressed happiness over the liberation of the Agband border region from the control of the Armenian army.

Modern fighter jets and drones to strengthen Iran’s air defenses

Iran conducted military exercises to further strengthen its air defense in which modern warplanes and drones took part. Recent Iranian exercises include new surface-to-air missiles. Brigadier General Qadir Rahimzada said that during these exercises, the air defense system would be tested in the context of a real combat situation to ensure national security in the event of any external attack. In addition to the Iranian Air Force’s advanced fighter jets, the exercises also test the capabilities of locally-built drones, and Iranian officials say new US sanctions efforts will fail. It should be noted that the UN arms embargo on Iran has been lifted since October 18, after which Iran has increased its progress on arms procurement.

The United States has imposed sanctions on six more Chinese media outlets

The United States has tightened rules on six more Chinese media organizations, saying they are propaganda outlets accountable to the state. This was the third round of US sanctions on Chinese outlets as “foreign missions,” according to a report by the French news agency AFP in the Dawn newspaper . Report to the State Department regarding details and real e-estate transactions. In this regard, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a news conference that these agencies will not face any restrictions during their reporting. State Department spokesman Morgan Artagas, referring to the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party, said that although the media around the world works for the truth, the PRC works for the CCP. He said the United States was publicly acknowledging the reality through these sanctions. It should be noted that these 6 new organizations added as foreign missions include Yi Kai Global, Ji Feng Daily, Shin Min Evening News, Social Sciences in China Press, Beijing Review and Economic Daily.

This is not a reality show, Obama’s criticism of Donald Trump

Former United States President Barack Obama has sharply criticized Donald Trump while campaigning for Joe Biden. Addressing a rally in Philadelphia on behalf of his former vice president Joe Biden, Barack Obama criticized Donald Trump’s divisive statements, his track record in the Oval Office and his habit of retweeting conspiracy theories. “With Biden and Kamala Harris, you don’t have to think about their crazy things every day, it’s a big advantage, you don’t have to discuss them every day,” Obama said. It will not be tiring. Democrat Barack Obama, a two-time US president, has criticized Trump’s efforts to deal with the corona virus, saying the president himself had contracted the virus. “Donald Trump will not suddenly protect us all, he can’t even take basic steps to protect himself,” he said. “It’s not a reality show, it’s a reality in itself, and the rest of us have had to go through the consequences because they They are proving themselves incapable of taking their work seriously.

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