Today World’s Top Stories || UK Fined China’s TV Channel CGTN | An End to Drone Strikes | China Introduces ‘Virus Passport’

The United Kingdom has fined China’s state-run television channel CGTN 400,000 and revoked its license. The Chinese TV channel showed this in a program about British citizen Peter Humphrey in which he confessed his guilt and against this Peter had lodged a complaint against the TV with the British broadcaster Ofcom. The company had imposed a fine of 110,000 euros on the TV channel for violating the country’s broadcasting laws.A Shanghai court has sentenced Peter Humphrey to more than two years in prison in a corruption case. The case involved a pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, and a related program featured Peter confessing to his crimes. Peter, on the other hand, says the confession was made while in custody and that is why he was forced to file a complaint against the channel. Earlier last month, China banned BBC World News, a leading British broadcaster, saying it had committed serious violations of Chinese broadcasting rules and regulations. It should be noted that in a report on Uighur Muslims, the BBC had revealed Beijing’s tough stance and after that China had decided to ban it.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has announced an end to drone strikes in areas other than war-torn areas. A Pentagon spokesman said drone strikes had been stopped in areas where the US military was present but there was no fighting. The spokesman said the ban was not permanent and did not mean that there would be no drone strikes. “We are committed to working with our international partners to eliminate extremists,” the spokesman said. Earlier, President Trump had authorized drone strikes on US troops in Somalia and other countries, while in any country other than Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, drone strikes would require permission from the White House.

China has introduced a “virus passport” for air travel of its citizens during the Corona epidemic. According to the World News Agency, China has announced the issuance of “virus passports” for its citizens to solve travel difficulties during the global epidemic Corona. This passport has been prepared in the style of a health certificate which contains the passenger’s corona test, vaccination and necessary medical information, while being a passport it will also contain travel details. In order to enter or leave China from abroad, you have to show a virus passport. However, it is not mandatory yet and it will be applicable only to Chinese citizens. However, soon this system will be extended to both compulsory and foreign travelers. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said the virus passport was being developed to boost global economic recovery and facilitate cross-border travel. This will be the world’s first virus passport. Documents such as the Virus Passport are being considered around the world. The United States and the United Kingdom are considering implementing a similar permit, while the European Union is also working on a “green pass” vaccine that allows citizens to become members. There will be an opportunity to travel to countries and abroad.

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