UAE & Israel || The First High-Level Visit Of An Israeli

3 min readAug 18, 2020


According to Emirati state media, the head of the Israeli secret agency Mossad, UC Cohen, has visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for security talks.

Foreign news agency AFP quoted the UAE’s official news agency, WEM, as saying that UC Cohen had met with Sheikh Tahanoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE’s national security adviser in Abu Dhabi. Discussed cooperation in the fields and regional development.

Restore relations with Israel

It should be noted that this is the first high-level visit of an Israeli official to Abu Dhabi since the ‘peace agreement’ between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

It should be noted that as a result of the resumption of diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel, Israel has agreed to postpone the annexation of parts of the West Bank, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that the plan still exists. Is.

Bahrain and Oman, two members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), have welcomed the agreement between the UAE and Israel, while Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar have not yet responded.

Saudi Arabia, a key country in the Muslim world, will have to face sensitive political issues before it can formally recognize the Jewish state.


Following the agreement to restore relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, the United States urged Saudi Arabia, the most important country in the Muslim world, to restore relations with Israel.

Jared Kishner, the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump and a White House adviser, said it would be in Saudi Arabia’s interest to normalize relations with Israel, as the United Arab Emirates has done.

US President Donald Trump has said that the leaders of Israel and the UAE will sign the agreement at the White House in the coming weeks.

Speaking to reporters later, Donald Trump suggested that more diplomatic successes were expected between Israel and Muslim countries in the region.

It is believed that the Arab News report , quoting the Saudi news agency WAM, said that Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kishner had said that “there is tension between the Muslim world and Israel to open Al-Aqsa Mosque for all Muslims.” It will decrease.

“Israelis are very happy because they will now get cheap tickets to travel via Dubai and I know that many Muslims are also very happy that they can go to Tel Aviv via Dubai and visit Al-Aqsa Mosque,”

“Israel says King Abdullah II of Jordan will continue to serve as the custodian of the mosque,” he said.

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