US Election 2020 | “America, I’m Proud That You Chose Me To Lead Our Great Country.” Joe Biden

After Joe Biden’s victory was confirmed, the three days of controversy and uncertainty over the outcome of the presidential election ended.

The American news agency ‘AP’ declared Joe Biden the winner on Saturday evening.

Announcing his victory in a tweet, Joe Biden said,

America, I’m proud that you chose me to lead our great country

It will be difficult for us to move forward, but I promise you that I will be the president of all Americans, whether you vote for me or not, I will understand that you have voted for me.

Despite many obstacles, the American people voted in record numbers, unprecedented in the past

Now that the election campaign is over, it is time to forget our political differences and come together as one nation. It is time for the United States to unite. We are the United States of America and there is nothing we cannot do together.

US broadcasters CNN, NBC News and CBS News also reported that Biden had won the election after winning the decisive state of Pennsylvania.

Biden’s deputy, Kamala Harris, will be the first woman in US history to hold the post.

“We did it,” Harris tweeted to Joe Biden.

- Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris)

We did it, @JoeBiden.

November 7, 2020

As polling closed on Tuesday evening, Americans’ eyes were fixed on TV screens and mobile phones, and the announcement of a new US president was awaited around the world.

Joe Biden’s victory in key states of Wisconsin and Michigan reduced the chances of incumbent President Donald Trump winning.

Even two days after the election, no candidate was able to get the required 270 electoral votes, with Joe Biden of the Democratic Party garnering 264 and Donald Trump 214 electoral votes.

However, after receiving 20 electoral votes from Pennsylvania, Biden’s total number of votes has risen to 284.

With millions of votes still to be counted, Biden has the most votes in history at more than 71 million.

During a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, the former vice president said he was hopeful he would win the election, but could not yet declare victory.

I will rule as president of the United States. After our victory, no state will be red or blue, only the United States

Trump joins the list of presidents to wash their hands of the presidency after the same term

In the history of the US presidential election, it has been ten times that a president has lost since his first term, but in recent times it has been the fourth time that a US president has lost since his first term. President Trump has become the 11th overall and the fourth such president in recent times. Earlier, in 1992, Bill Clinton defeated George HW Bush (Sr.) after his first term in office.

Joe Biden has more votes than any other US presidential candidate in US history

Joe Biden has become the highest-scoring candidate in US history. Remember that these American elections were very unusual and this time the voter turnout has been very high. Biden has received more than 70 million votes so far, surpassing Barack Obama’s record 69.4 million voters. On the other hand, two days after the vote ended, isolated in the White House, Trump said in an unusual statement that he was “trying to steal the election.” “Democrats are using illegal votes to steal elections from us,” Trump said. The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a request by state Republicans to immediately stop counting ballots arriving in Pennsylvania after election day.

‘Election is not over yet’: Donald Trump

President Trump, who was apparently playing golf at his Virginia resort when Biden’s victory was predicted, responded by saying,

We all know how Biden was wrongly declared the winner. They are in a hurry to go and why are they helping them in this with their media. They don’t want the truth to come out

“The simple fact is that the election is not over yet,”

he said in a statement. He made it clear that election officials had not yet confirmed the counting of votes and that all the announcements were hashtags by the news media.

However, let us make it clear that after an election, it is common practice for the media to predict the victory of the winning candidate based on an analysis of the votes that have been counted.

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