US Presidential Election 2020 || Biden or Trump? Depends On The Results Of 4 Important States | Biden Confident Of Victory & Trump Accuses Of Rigging | If No Candidate Wins, How Will The US President Be Elected? | If Biden Wins, There Will Be A Clash Between Israel And Iran

4 min readNov 6, 2020

Three days have passed since the election in the United States and the counting of votes is still going on in some states and the focus is now on the four major states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada. The biggest reason for the delay in the results is the stockpile of votes by post due to the global epidemic Corona virus, the report said.

What is the current situation in these states, we will review in this report.

Republican nominee Donald Trump is still leading, but his lead fell from 18,000 to 1,800 on Thursday, with less than 15,000 votes still to be counted. The votes that are yet to be counted include those received by mail from Atlanta and Savannah. According to officials, results are expected from Georgia in the United States by Friday morning (US Standard Time).

President Donald Trump had a lead of 160,000 votes here, but after the count on Thursday, the gap is now less than 25,000 votes. The Secretary of State estimates that at the beginning of the day, there were 500,000 votes left to be counted, about half of which have been counted so far. Here, too, the votes that have not yet been counted have been received by mail. And the votes that are yet to be counted are from the counties where Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election.

In Arizona, Biden’s lead fell from 69,000 to 47,000. As of Thursday evening, 470,000 votes were still to be counted, but it was not clear how many votes were left. The results are expected to be finalized by 9 a.m. local time on Friday.

Here, Biden’s lead has risen from 8,000 to 12,000. According to officials, the counting of 190,000 votes is still pending. The remaining 90 percent of votes are from Clark County, including Los Angeles, and most of these votes were received by mail. Expected results are expected by the end of this week.

Trump accuses Democrats of rigging, Biden confident of victory

US President Trump has once again objected to the postal votes, accusing the Democrats of rigging. On the other hand, Joe Biden, who seems confident of victory, says every vote should be counted. Delaying the results of the presidential election, President Trump told a press conference in the White House that if the legal vote counts have achieved a historic victory, we are being deprived of victory by deception. The conspiracy is being rigged.

Democrats are corrupting the system, I have evidence of fraud

President Trump has accused the Democrats of expelling our observers. On the other hand, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, speaking in Wellington, Delaware, said,

People be patient, no doubt we will win

Harvard is sacred and must be counted. Leading American politician Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, said that Trump was winning the election in 2016 and now the election was rigged. Trump wants to destroy people’s faith in democracy. The Democratic leader added that these words are pushing towards dictatorship.

If no candidate wins, how will the US President be elected?

The winner of the US presidential election needs 270 out of 538 electoral votes, but Joe Biden and President Trump manage to get 269 and 269 votes respectively, meaning a political crisis could erupt if no one gets the required 270 votes Is. In the US presidential election, the counting of votes is underway and the Democratic candidate Joe Biden still has a slight lead while the results of 5 states are yet to come. However, the question is whether either of the two candidates will get a majority. If not, how will the election of the US President be carried out? If both candidates fail to get the required majority of 270 electoral votes, there is a way in the US Constitution to elect a president, with 438 newly elected members of the House of Representatives having to elect a president before January 6. One vote for each state will be considered for the election of the President from the House of Representatives and the majority will get 26 votes. Similarly, the US Vice President will be elected by the senators and each senator will have one vote for which the required majority will be 51 votes. It should be noted that the last such political crisis in the history of the US presidential election occurred in the nineteenth century when neither candidate failed to get the required electoral votes, after which the President was elected by the House of Representatives. was done.

If Biden wins, there will be a clash between Israel and Iran: Israeli Minister

An Israeli minister has warned that a victory for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden could spark a war between Iran and Israel. Arab News quoted the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post as saying that Biden had long said he would return to a nuclear deal (with Iran). Hanjabi said there would be a “violent confrontation” between Israel and Iran if Biden adhered to that policy. He said most Israelis, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, saw the 2015 agreement as a “mistake.” However, another Israeli minister differed on Biden’s victory. Zoe Howzer, chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, says he has known Biden since he was vice president. He called Biden a “true friend of Israel.” “I think if the Iran nuclear deal is renewed, it will be better than the previous one,” he added.

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