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The vote count has entered its fifth day. Former Vice President Joe Biden now has a 253–214 lead over Trump at the Electoral College. After receiving 20 Pennsylvania electoral votes, Joe Biden will receive the 270 votes he needs to run for president. Despite the counting of votes in six states, we still do not know the name of the candidate who reached the White House. So far, Biden has the upper hand over Donald Trump, and to win (270 votes), Biden needs only 17 electoral college votes. It should be noted that the world is waiting for the United States presidential election to see the winner, but the results have been delayed due to some states.

In a speech Friday night, Biden refrained from announcing a clear victory, but said he was

going to win the election with a clear majority.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government. He added:

We may be against each other, but we are not enemies.

In fiercely competitive states, the situation is:

Georgia — Biden leads 7248 Nevada — Biden leads 22,657 Arizona — Biden leads 29,861 Pennsylvania — Biden leads 28,833 Big batch of results expected to be released in Pennsylvania at 0900 which are expected to extend Biden’s lead.

Biden currently has a lead of 28,883 votes, has the highest number of electoral college votes in the state among the remaining states, and winning from here means Biden’s electoral college votes. The number will exceed 270. Significant results in Pennsylvania will be released in evening, which could be very important for Biden as Pennsylvania has 20 electoral college votes. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Elliott has ordered the Election Board in Pennsylvania to separate the mail and ballots received after 8 p.m. from other ballots on election day, following a state order.

Biden is ahead of Trump with 29,861 votes.

The Democratic candidate is leading with 22,657 votes

Biden and Trump have almost the same number of votes, with a difference of only 4,395 votes. Georgia officials say there will be a recount.

Our victory is clear, for the first time a candidate received 74 million votes: Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says his victory in the election is clear. Speaking in the state of Delaware, Biden said:

The results have not been announced yet, but we have the upper hand, and the counting of the votes is a clear victory for us

For the first time in US history, a presidential candidate got 74 million votes. We are winning the US presidential race, just waiting for the results

We have a mandate from the people, all the votes must be counted

Biden should not falsely claim victory: Trump

On the other hand, US President Trump made a statement before Biden’s speech and warned him.

Legal action has just begun, which Biden should not falsely claim to have won. I can make that claim

It should be noted that in the US presidential election, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has a clear lead with 264 votes while President Trump has 214 electoral votes. Thus, Biden needs only 6 electoral votes to reach the 270 votes required to become US President. On the other hand, US President Trump has accused Joe Biden’s victory of rigging the election, while Trump has announced his victory on election night. Donald Trump had asked the court to intervene in this matter but he did not take any special action on this request.

Biden’s a possible victory, g iven VVIP security

The Secret Service has sent more security personnel to Wilmington to protect Joseph Biden in the run-up to the US presidential election. According to foreign media, in case of victory in the presidential election in the United States, the security of the nominated president is equal to that of the current president. Additional air security measures have been put in place for Biden. Keep in mind that the results of the November 3 presidential election in the United States continue to come out and now only 5 states Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Alaska are left to come out.

Presidential election, 10 billionaire personalities of America are more richer

Counting continues in the United States these days after the presidential election, and it remains to be seen which candidate will win and become the next president of the United States. However, stock market shares have risen sharply in the technology sector.

The shock boosted the fortunes of 10 billionaires in the United States, with shares of Amazon and Facebook surging, while shares of Dow Jones rose 1.3 percent to the S&P 500. The index rose 2.2 percent, and Nasdaq shares rose 3.9 percent, bringing the total value of the 10 richest people in the United States to $28.2 billion.

Bezos, which a few days ago sold some of its shares for $3 billion, continued its earnings, with the e-commerce company’s shares rising 6.3 percent to $190.6 billion after a total increase of 10 10.5 billion.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s treasury increased by $8 billion. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ net worth increased by $663 million to $115.9 billion.

Google’s two founding partners Larry Page and Sergey Byrne’s fortunes rose by $4 billion and $3.8 billion, respectively. Steve Ballmer’s fortune increased by $2.8 billion.

Unexpectedly, Warren Buffett’s fortune will fall slightly from $215 million to $78 billion, while Berkshire Hathaway shares fell 0.4 percent and Oracle founder’s fortune fell by $391 million. Alice Walton’s treasury also declined.

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