Violent Anti-Military Protests Continue In Myanmar, 14 Protesters Have Been Shot Dead

4 min readMar 15, 2021


At least 14 people have been killed in clashes between security forces and protesters during protests in Myanmar’s capital, Yangon. Meanwhile, ousted political leaders have appealed to the people to continue their resistance to bring about a ‘revolution’.

Yangon area hlayyng thryar authorities used sticks and knives demonstrators responded to the demonstrators opened fire on the gathering.

It should be noted that the junta attacked the shops of Chinese businessmen in the area after which the authorities had imposed martial law there.

Protesters believe the Chinese government is supporting Myanmar’s military.

It should be noted that on February 1, the army overthrew the government in the country and at the same time the country’s democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been detained.

On the other hand, many political leaders have refused to accept the coup and have gone into hiding by dodging the army.

China has demanded protection from Chinese authorities following an attack on Chinese factories in the Hlaing Tehriar region, which has imposed martial law.

The Chinese allege that gunmen targeted 10 Chinese factories and a Chinese hotel in Yangon, injuring several Chinese.

A statement from the Chinese embassy in Myanmar called on the government to “take more effective measures to stop the violence and protect Chinese businesses and the lives and property of Chinese citizens.”

Firing has been heard in the area all day, with a police officer saying in a message on social media that police were planning to use heavy weapons against protesters.

The French news agency AFP quoted local media and a doctor as reporting that security forces had shot dead a young man in the northern Myanmar city of Hopkant.

According to local witnesses and reporters, another young man was killed in Bago, a suburb of Yangon. Local media also reported that three protesters were killed during a protest in Yangon.

According to eyewitnesses, this is the latest killing since 12 protesters were killed on Saturday.

It should be noted that Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been engulfed in nationwide protests and demonstrations since the February 1 military coup.

On February 1, the country’s military leadership overthrew the government of Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD), and seized power and detained her.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s political party, the NLD, won a clear majority in last year’s general election, but the military says the election was rigged.

National Assembly members of the National League for Democracy who escaped arrest have formed a new political group called the Committee for Representative Union Parliament (CRPH).

Mahanon Kheng Than has been appointed its interim head. And this political group is trying to gain global recognition as the real government of Myanmar.

What did Mahanon Kheng Than say in his speech?

“Now is the time for our citizens to maintain their resistance to the country’s dark ages,” Mahanon, an undercover political leader, said in a speech on social media platform Facebook.

“For the formation of a federal democracy, which includes our brothers of all races, who have been facing all sorts of atrocities like dictatorship for decades, we really want to This revolution is an opportunity for us to unite and put our efforts together.

“Despite our differences in the past, now is the time to unite and end this dictatorship forever,” he said in his address.

Myanmar’s military denounces the CRPH as an illegal group and warns people that anyone who joins the party will face serious treason charges.

Independent international observers have called the military’s allegations of rigging in last November’s general election controversial, saying there were no irregularities.

Last week, the military accused Aung San Suu Kyi of illegally accepting 600,000 million and 11 kilograms of gold. However, no evidence was provided and NLD members denied the allegations.

Aung San Suu Kyi has been detained at an undisclosed location for the past five weeks on charges including illegally possessing radio wireless equipment and violating Corona restrictions.

Since the military coup in the country, the military leadership has tried to put an end to a series of protests and demonstrations against it. As a result, the protests have turned violent and dozens of people have been killed. The international community has also condemned it.

The United States has announced economic sanctions on the country’s military leadership, while steps are being taken to block access to 1 billion in government funds for the Myanmar government.

The country’s military has rejected criticism of its aggressive and violent actions, blaming Aung San Suu Kyi for the violence.

A statement issued by the group on Sunday said, “Protesters have every right to defend themselves against the military government which is spreading violence in the country.”

In Myanmar, army and police have cracked down on protesters in recent weeks, using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse them.

A local monitoring group said “80 people have been killed so far in the violent protests in Myanmar, but the number is likely to rise further after the events in Yangon on Sunday.”

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