Withdrawal From Afghanistan || NATO Trains Afghan Soldiers Abroad

The NATO has shortly after the end of their deployment in Afghanistan started the first training program for Afghan soldiers abroad. According to information from the dpa news agency, members of the Afghan special forces were flown to Turkey for a course on Wednesday . It is intended to be the prelude to regular training opportunities outside of Afghanistan.

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A NATO spokesman confirmed the start of the training program, but did not want to comment on the location or details for security reasons. “In addition to continued funding and diplomatic presence, NATO’s continued support for Afghanistan also includes the training of Afghan special forces outside the country,” he said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the heads of state and government of the other 29 alliance states had promised Afghanistan at their summit in June that they would continue to provide aid after the end of the military mission. “We reaffirm our determination to continue to stand by Afghanistan, its people and its institutions in promoting security and maintaining the hard-won progress of the past twenty years,” the final statement said.

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Advance of the Taliban worsens security situation

The end of the NATO military operation in Afghanistan was decided in April after the USA, as the largest provider of troops, decided against staying any longer. How things will continue in the country after the complete withdrawal of western troops is unclear. The security situation has deteriorated significantly since the beginning of May. The radical Islamic Taliban have overrun numerous districts in several offensives.

Meanwhile, a report by the US Inspector General for Reconstruction in Afghanistan (Sigar) shows that the Afghan air force, which is important for the fight against the Taliban, is increasingly being overused. According to this, all Air Force aircraft types are at least 25 percent more in the air than recommended in their scheduled maintenance intervals.

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At the same time, the operational readiness of five of the total of seven aircraft types of the Afghan Air Force decreased in June, the report said. This coincides with an offensive by the Taliban and the withdrawal of US and NATO troops as well as numerous US contract workers who were waiting for the planes.

The US continues to support the Afghan Air Force from abroad

In the past few years, the US had often assisted the Afghan security forces from the air in their fight against the Islamists. In view of the advance of the Taliban, the USA recently stepped up these missions — however, the planes for this are now rising outside of Afghanistan.

The Afghan Air Force is still being established. It can only do a fraction of what US warplanes or transport helicopters can do.

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The NATO operation in the Hindu Kush began after the attacks of September 11, 2001 at the request of the USA in order to put an end to the terrorism emanating from Afghanistan. Germany was one of the most important troop contributors until the end. The last German soldiers returned home on June 30th. According to its own statements, the withdrawal of the USA is 95 percent complete. The US military mission in Afghanistan is scheduled to end on August 31.

If a government only stays in power because it is massively upgraded and supported from outside, then it could be that it is not legitimized at all. I mean, the Taliban are not just any outside soldiers or mercenaries. These are the locals, who also have massive support from the population. Maybe you should just let them do it? I think this is a chicken egg problem. We are not in the region because of the war on terror. But terror came to us because we started waging wars over oil. Whereupon we brought more soldiers and war to the region.

If we stopped waging wars over oil, they’d be nicer to us too. For them this is not terror, but resistance. In WW2 you would not describe the resistance of the French against the Germans as terror.

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“Wang said the Taliban is expected to ‘play an important role in the process of peaceful reconciliation and reconstruction in Afghanistan’, according to an account of the meeting from the foreign ministry.”

Probably related to the fact that China has made major investments in recent years and is considering including Afghanistan in the Pakistani-Chinese economic pact. “The approach is already doomed to failure, since China received the Taliban in Tianjin yesterday and thus upgraded the group.”

The US also spoke to the Taliban in Doha and even signed an agreement. Is that also an upgrade? Especially since this approach exposes the incumbent Afghan government.

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