Worldwide Coronary Certified Virus Victims Increase to 531,708, while Deaths Increase to 24,000

The United States ranks first on the list of countries infected with Corona virus.

The number of people infected with the Corona virus in the United States is higher than in China, though the casualties are much lower than in China, but the prevalence is higher in China.
According to statistics, the number of people affected by the Corona virus in the United States has reached 85 thousand 749, while the number of infected people in China is 81340.

Corona virus has killed 1,304 people in the United States so far, while the number of deaths in China is 3,292.
When it comes to the number of people who are recovering from the Corona virus, China has had considerable success, and so far 74 thousand 588 people have recovered in China and only 3,460 people are under treatment while in the US its case On the contrary, only 1,868 people have recovered while 82 thousand 577 people are undergoing treatment.
Italy is third on the list of the most affected countries with Corona virus, where 80 thousand 589 cases have been reported and 8 thousand 215 people have died. Italy is at the forefront in terms of casualties, and the death toll from Corona is much higher than in other countries, with no definite cause.
The death toll from the Corona virus has increased to over 24,000 worldwide, while the number of people infected with the global outbreak has exceeded 5 million.

More than 24,000 deaths due to corona virus worldwide
So far, more than 24,000 people worldwide have been killed by the corona virus.
85,000 people in the US and 82 thousand people in China are affected by the infection.
More than 8,000 deaths have been reported from the Corona virus in Italy.
Lockdown has been announced in South Africa for three weeks. Consumer goods stores will remain open while the sale and sale of liquor will be banned.
There are over 100 deaths a day in the UK.
In Australia, the number of cases has increased from over 700 in the past week to more than 3000.
The Indian government has announced a relief package of around 23 billion to help prevent Corona. So far, 640 confirmed cases and 17 deaths have been reported in the country.

Cod 19 assessment in British Prime Minister Barris Johnson

British Prime Minister Barris Johnson has also been diagnosed with COW 19.
According to the government spokesman, the nature of the symptoms is not serious in Baras Johnson, so he will continue to perform his duties and will remain in Quarantine.

Spying on Israel’s mobile phone

Using the new powers of espionage, Israel is spying on people who are escaping from the hospital despite being infected with the Corona virus. This is part of new surveillance measures to try to control the disease.

Spain kills more 769 in 24 hours

Medical authorities say that in the last 24 hours, Spain has 769 deaths, bringing the total death toll to 4858.
Last day, there were 655 deaths in the country.
Overall, the number of victims in Spain increased by 7871 on the last day, after which the total number of victims was 64,59.
The total number of people infected with the Corona virus in Spain is 9357.

The first two deaths from Corona in South Africa

South Africa has confirmed that the first two deaths have occurred in the country as a result of the global outbreak of the Corona virus.
The health minister said both deaths occurred in the Western Cape, one at a private hospital and the other at a public hospital.
He says more than a thousand Corona victims have been confirmed in South Africa compared to the previous day.
Security officials have enforced a three-week lockdown across the country to prevent the spread of the disease.
Violators of the new measures could face up to six months in prison.

Ban on the arrival of foreigners in China

China has temporarily banned the arrival of people from other countries. This will also apply to people who have a visa or residence permit.
All Chinese and overseas flights are limited to one flight per week and it is ordered that at least 25% of the flight seats be left vacant.
The number of new victims of the Corona virus locally in China is very low, while new cases are often confirmed by people coming from overseas.
On Thursday, 55 new cases were confirmed across China, of which only one was a local citizen.
The foreign ministry has said that the arrival of foreign nationals will be suspended to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. This will not apply only to embassy personnel, crew members and people who have been exempted based on humanitarian sympathy.

Another killed in Pakistan, more than 1250 victims

The number of Corona victims in Pakistan has increased to more than 1250 while the total number of casualties is nine. Sindh tops with 440 victims so far while Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab have recorded three, three deaths. Lockdowns have been tightened nationwide to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic.

Corona: The race to create the test that returns results in the shortest time

Scientists are looking for a test of Cod-19 that will yield results in the shortest time.
Scientists at the Singapore National Institute have developed a corona virus test that can produce results in 15 minutes. They will submit it for approval within a month.
But the competition is fierce. Mologic Limited, a British company, says a test has been made in their lab that can tell in 10 minutes whether a person has been diagnosed with the corona virus.
Currently it is just a prototype and the company thinks it will cost only one dollar. With its approval, it is possible that it will be introduced for general use in June.
The German company Bosch has recently formed a Cod-19 test. According to him, it takes less than two and a half hours to get results and in April this test will be available all over Germany.

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